Friday, November 16, 2012

Civil War 2 - The Chickens Have Had Enough!

The other day, upon arriving home from work, my son greeted me with a picture he drew.

"Cival war 2" was printed on the top, which I had him promptly correct before looking any further.

After he had corrected the spelling, I looked over the picture, amused to see a bi-plane of some sort being piloted by a yellow chicken.

The banner the bi-plane was towing read "No tree Hugerrs" with what looks like a green circle with an axe head in a tree stump. Next to that was the universal sign for prohibited over a person hugging a pine tree. He beamed proudly and told me, "No tree huggers! Right Dad?" I didn't know if I should be proud or bust out laughing. So I just replied, "Yep!" while wearing a grin.
Below the bi-plane was a black, ninja-clad chicken with a mounted weapon on its' back towing an Øbama symbol flag that is X'd out in red. "Nobama!" my son exclaimed. "I see that," I replied. My smile grew larger.

And below that, at the foot of the objective, was a chicken cop car loaded with three special forces chickens and 3 weapon carrying chickens behind. Probably waiting for a breach to enter their objective and take out their target. My grin grew larger.

Oh yes, their objective. Well, it was flying what appears to be an Islamic flag (crescent moon and star) on fire.
Hmm...and as for the objective...well, look for yourself.

My son explained to me that the chickens were attacking the White House to get rid of the dictator, Øbama.

By this time I couldn't hold it in any longer and started laughing. Not wanting my son to think  I was laughing at his work, I told him this would make a great movie.

"But why chickens," I asked.

"Because the chickens have had enough," he exclaimed.

I had a good laugh and told him, "Don't let your mother see this!"

I don't know where he comes up with these things!


  1. as the coop empties... post boomer soap/opera

  2. "I don't know where he comes up with these things!"

    Ironwill, Thats like Obama saying with Arab Spring or Benghazi, " I dont know where this started." Love that, dry humor, keep it up.

  3. This takes me back to my childhood. My parents got us out from under communism in '65 and I was just 8. I soaked up all the stories from my dad, I was sorely disappointed when I realized I was going to miss out on killing communists in Vietnam. I have spent my life in general prosperity and now I see these bastards are coming at us hard. This time I might be too old for the fight but hopefully your sons and daughters will be able to locate and utilize my cache.

    1. I am just like you, came of age after Vietnam, educating myself under Reagan, had a naval commission put on hold by Desert Shield (budget reasons), then ensconced in a professional, wouldn't accept a commission in this CIC's army on a bet, but we can logistically support the younger ones....

  4. YOU and me both brother been reading and preparing all my life and now , I doubt I can swing my sword when the Primers run out.

    But I will Try and push soon.

  5. That has to be the best post I have ever read. I am going to start working that phrase into my coversations. When someone asks me why I feel the way I do about our gov and the way things are shaping up my reply is gonna be, "because the chickens have had enough!", or I'll just be damned.

    Sir, keep up the good work and would you please shake your son's hand for me.

  6. Children have a way of seeing thru the BS.

    Many of us know that chickens sometimes have a way of turning ion themselves and cannibalizing the weak.

    The drawing is awesome!!!

  7. Reminds me of a song with a similar barnyard theme...

  8. Linked and updated:


    1. Cows with guns?!

      The MOOvement has begun!

    2. Chick Fil-A already has paratroopers.......

  9. That is GREAT! You're going something right. My wife would flip out too. :)
    Give that kid a hug.

  10. The Chickens want their coop back.

    Will Obama take Oath of Office on the "holy koran" in January? Will Rev. Wright be pulled out from under the bus for the ceremony? After the election, Barry now has much more flexibility to do what Mr. Putin requests.

    1. No, he'll take it on the Jewish Book, as per usual. And - via drone strikes and the like - he has been killing off Muslims at a rate 10x that of Bush. The Problem isn't that Obama is a closet raghead. The problem is that he's a Socialist, a Tyrant, and has cut a deal with banksters of a certain persuasion to globalize White America out of existence.

    2. I still think he's in the closet, but I believe he backburners it because the tyrannical socialist in search of subjugation of WA, as you describe above, is his primary goal.

  11. Wow! This is pure and visceral and true. Wisdom from the mouths of babes and all.

  12. Mt Top Patriot11/17/2012 11:56 AM

    If a kid can figure tyranny out and have the wisdom to express his concerns through art, where are all the Americans in the Military who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic?

    There is something inherently very very wrong here.
    What was that oath for?
    If the unquestionable absence of actions involving that oath, the takers of it, is any indication, the dissonance between a child who understands the truth of what protect and defend from enemies of the Constitution is about, and those who are trained, equipped, experienced, "adults", who accepted pay and duty willingly to do just that, have not, are not, is mind blowing. It is dereliction of not just duty, but of morality, dereliction of the kind of virtue and honor of the highest order.

    A little kid is left to spell out the cold hard truth?

    It is beyond shameful, magnitudes of shame, these men and woman in uniform have forsaken our children. Forsaken an entire system of Liberty and the people who constitute it.

    What of these, for a lack of any better name, traitors good for other than doing the geopolitical dirty work at the bidding of the ruling class money grubbers?

    A bunch of deer hunters and pissed off chickens, and 1 little boy, got their work cut out for them. Because without somebody from the ranks of the Military who got our backs, it is going to be a cold long hard bitter row to hoe towards Liberty.

    God Bless the little guy.
    God Bless his heart.

    We are going to need all appeals to heaven and the blessings we can get.
    That little boy, cause along with a whole lot of chickens who have had enough have been left out with their arses hanging in the wind.