Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Liberty or Revenge?

The only known photograph of Jack Hinson
Jack Hinson, a very effective and elusive one man sniper who killed at least 100 Union soldiers and sailors during the Civil War. Jack was not a soldier, he was a farmer. A very righteously pissed off farmer.
In 1862, after Union troops summarily executed and mutilated two of his sons, Hinson took to the hills and riverbanks of Stewart County, Tenn., and single-handedly terrorized the federal occupation forces in Western Tennessee and Kentucky.

Hinson was a man the federal troops never should have crossed. From the cliffs high above the Twin Rivers, the Cumberland and the Tennessee, he was able to pick off officers, his preferred targets, and hit the Union gunboats and re-supply vessels that plied the river.

He may be the only single gunman in history who forced an armed gunship to surrender.
Read more about Jack here.

Jack didn't pick a side, the Union Army picked for him.

Jack didn't fight for the Confederacy.

Jack didn't fight for Liberty.

Jack fought for Revenge.

If OpFor started randomly dropping like flies as a result of a Jack Hinson type of private war, what do you think would happen?

Would public opinion move in a direction to support FreeFor or would it turn against them and sympathize with OpFor?

It's been said and proven many times before, no guerrilla war was ever won without the support of the people.

I don't think we are there yet. This country is nearly split right down the middle.

Half will always support the .gov as long as they keep getting their EBT cards and paychecks from them. They wouldn't dare bite the proverbial hand that literally feeds them, clothes them, and houses them.

The other half, as much at they bitch and complain about taxes and regulation, are still too comfortable to get off the couch and step off the porch. They're still able to put food on the table, gas in the car, and heat in the house.

OpFor hasn't created enough Jack Hinson's hell bent on revenge yet.

When they do create enough Jack Hinson's, then maybe the people will support an insurgency.

If not for Liberty, then perhaps for Revenge?

h/t Brock


  1. If this started, then like the British in the second Bower(spell?) war, they would likely put every woman child and old person in fema camps.The Idea; to rob the gurrilla of support. Thats what the camps ARE FOR.

  2. Skill and the determination makes a dangerous enemy.

  3. Ironwill, thanks very much for sharing that.
    As much CW history as I've soaked up, there's always another story I hadn't heard before.

    Best Regards,

  4. Keep in mind that Hinson, for all his success in killing Federal officers, had no effect on the CONDUCT of the Civil War. I'm not talking about OUTCOME but CONDUCT. I mean that he never passed on any information about Federal movements to the Rebels; he never coordinated his attacks with the Rebels. He was simply a lone shooter who worked independently of the Rebels. He didn't take part in an ongoing war, he was simply conducting a feud. A Resistance movement has to do better than that.

    1. Agreed, he was just one man, but you can bet that he demoralized them. Sending 500 troops out after him meant he was living rent free in their heads. 500 troops coming back empty-handed had to be discouraging. Now what if there were 10, 50, 100, or 1,000 Jack Hinson's? Fight smart, avoid capture, live to kill some more.

  5. One man with a vendetta dose not a war make. 1000 men -still nothing- 10000-now yer talkin'. This is the Reason that AM has been running the "get organized so we can find you" blogs.Cause right now the FED-GOV can only "see" people who stand up and "wave" on the internet.What they want is,Large groups to be "taken out". Right now they don't have them. They cannot identify leaders;so they can't kill them. That is the next phase of "the plan" "Shock and awe" AKA killing the leadership. THEY CANNOT make war ANY other way. They have a machine bult to kill dinosaurs; not fles. That why they go to such great effot to get US to play there game ,Its the only way they win.

  6. I agree we need organization, but it needs to be discreet. As I point out in my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY, we need both a covert (fighting) organization, and an overt organization that apparently has no link to the covert organization. It works openly, pointing out government errors and misdeeds, staging rallies and protests, pamphleteering, using social media, but always within the law. The fighting organization needs to be completely covert. The government should have no idea who is part of it.

    Form your fighting group, do your training, and keep your mouth shut.