Saturday, November 10, 2012

Key Lock Denial

I did this a few times in High School to get out of a test I wasn't ready for.

The glue is optional.

Use this information how you will.


  1. You know, some wanker did that at an apartment complex I used to live at. But they put silicone sealant in the lock instead. You know, the kind you'd use to waterproof around your tub? It comes not only in caulking gun size tubes, but also little pocket sized tubes that are typically used to fix fish tanks, and is relatively inexpensive. It also rubberizes when cured and is absolutely impossible to pull out. The whole lock is ruined. I can't imagine the kind of individual that would do that. The nerve of some people! :P

  2. Thin, uncooked spaghetti works great too.
    Put it in, snap it off, walk away.