Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nothing to See Here, Just Another Video of Cop Shooting A Dog

COMMERCE CITY - When Kenny Collins called police about an unfamiliar dog loose in his neighborhood, he had no idea his neighbor was dog sitting for a relative. He had no idea it would end in tragedy.

"I called police because I saw a dog wandering loose out front," Collins said.

Collins' neighbor was watching a large breed dog for her cousin who was out of the town for the holidays. The woman, who did not want to comment at this time, said she left the 3-year-old dog named Chloe in the garage when she left to go shopping. She thought she closed the garage upon leaving, but it seems the dog tripped the sensor forcing the garage door open. That's when Chloe started roaming the neighborhood.

"He never came at me in an aggressive manner," Collins said.

He said he never feared the dog, but just wanted animal control to pick it up since it was loose. But, when two police officers arrived, things took a different turn. Collins' son shot video with a cell phone of the whole incident.

"He's basically back in the garage or whatever, staying away from police," Collins said.

Collins said for about 30 minutes, the dog just sat inside the open garage door near her bed while officers decided what to do.

"You see the dog Tased whenever you see the dog drop," Collins said.

One police officer uses his Taser twice on the dog driving her back into the garage. Then, as the dog tries to run out of the garage, an officer pulls out his gun and shoots at the dog.

"(The dog is) coming out and (the animal control officer) just noosed him," Collins said.

After the first shot, the dog is captured by the animal control officer on the catch pole. (BS! The cop shot the dog AFTER it was captured! Watch the video) But, after it is captured, a police officer fires four more shots at Chloe, killing the dog. Collins said the video shows that the animal control officer appears upset.

"You can see her or whatever," Collins said. "Obviously, she was distraught."

He said he is also troubled by the fact that at least one stray bullet hit the animal control officer's car with neighbors and kids all around.

"That bullet was fired in my direction with me standing across the street," Collins said.

Commerce City Police initially released this statement reading in part, "An animal control agent was able to place a 'catch pole' around the dog's neck. The pit bull remained extremely agitated and continued to attempt to attack the animal control agent. Due to the dog's size and aggressive demeanor, it could not be controlled on the catch pole. For the safety of the animal control agent and the community, a police officer shot and killed the dog."

But, Collins said from what he saw and from what the video shows, the dog was simply trying to run away scared.

"I totally disagree with it, totally," Collins said. "The dog was not attacking people and that's not what I said when I called 911."

Detective Mike Saunders, with the Commerce City Police Department, said before issuing any more statements on the matter, he wants to look at the video. He wants to talk more with the officers and let the internal investigation continue. Saunders said if there is any wrongdoing, the department will say so.

9NEWS dropped off a copy of the video at the Commerce City Police station around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Collins said he also called police and offered them a copy of the video, as well.

When 9NEWS tried to contact the dog's owner, who is currently traveling in California, he could not be reached for comment.
The story and the video don't match up. Here's the news report.

Here's the raw video below. Skip to the the 4 minute mark to see the entire footage of the dog being put down after it's tazed and noosed.

I'll let you decide if this was a justified shooting or not.


  1. Oh yea. Totally justified. They were just doing their job.

    This is why the police hate it when you videotape them and they try to incarcerate you for doing so.

    And that is WHY they must be videotaped. So they can't get away with this kind of thing, or anything else. The video clearly shows that they tasered this animal and then shot it. It wasn't causing any harm to anyone.

    The dog was just sitting there casually for 4 minutes. And the officers clearly were not afraid of the dog. One left what looked to be a female by herself, and she had her SIDE to the dog the entire time. Something you'd not do if you feared an animal would attack you.

    They were all nonchalant about it right up to the point where they tasered it and shot it.

    And discharging a firearm within city limits and towards houses? This feck should lose his badge, at the VERY least. Reckless endangerment, animal cruelty, discharging a firearm within city limits, etc ad infinitum.

    But wait... those laws only apply to the mensch. Not the special class citizens and handmaidens of the elite.

  2. Here is my simple reaction to another senseless dog killing. You kill my dog (I don't own a dog) and we will have a serious talk out behind the barn!! You fire a gun near my home and some innocent person is harmed or killed then guess what??? There are angels and harps in your future.

    The citizens must hold those who work for "We the People" accountable. I hear that Kentucky Christmas Tree ornaments could be popular this year.