Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Surprise! Police Union Defends Dog Shooting

Last month I posted this story about police shooting a dog caught on tape. The dog was being walked by his owner. Must have been payback for the owner ignoring the cops.

No surprise here. The Police Union says it was justified and blames the owner.
A dog shot and killed by a cop could have been a threat to bite officers. That's the opinion of the Omaha police union president.

Our Sister Station WOWT, Channel Six News, first showed the exclusive video of the incident last month.

A man walking the family pet in a search area ignored orders to stop so police arrested him and an officer shot and killed the dog.

Omaha Police Union President Sgt. John Wells told Fact Finders, “Based on the video I don’t see that the officers acted inappropriately.

But the dog owner’s sister takes a different view, “I think the officer was wrong shooting Teela. She wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Union President Wells said in his opinion the night vision video from a neighbor’s security camera doesn’t tell the whole story. Wells said, “Just seeing the officers immediate reaction its seems to me he back peddled for a second thinking the dog is coming at him and made a split second decision by deciding I have no choice but to put this aggressive dog down.”

The lab retriever mix named Teela had a clean record with the humane society. Chris Schulte, the man walking to family pet claims the officer didn’t have to shoot the dog. Schulte said, “Not threatening, the dog wasn’t being aggressive.”

But the report filed by officers Schuster and Clements stated the dog was aggressive, growled and showed its teeth. The union president points out that officers reported Schulte was arrested for having an open container of alcohol and obstructing police. Officers had the area sealed off to search for a suspect in a shooting. A police canine was being used in the area so the man entering with a pet could be in danger himself. The union president said responsibility for the shooting of the dog rests with the 22 year old man walking the dog, not with officers. Wells said, it’s unfortunate someone’s family pet was killed but officers were left little choice but to protect themselves.”

Omaha Police commanders can’t comment on an internal investigation. Police had told Fact Finders when an officer discharges their weapon while on duty an arduous review takes place.
  Just another dog killer roaming the streets of Omaha.

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