Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And So It Begins: Price Gouging

I'm all for making a buck or two or three, but this is disgusting.

And to add salt to the wound, you still have to pay for shipping.

CTD won't be getting any of my business.

If you don't have your high-capacity magazines now, well, good luck to you.

The gun/magazine ban hasn't even taken place yet and look where it's headed.

Expect ammo prices to get ridiculous too.

UPDATE: About 10 minutes later, they lowered their price.


  1. Only thing with CTD, click on the "warehouse A" tab and look at your other options. There is usually a lower price that what is displayed, sometimes shipping is a different price also.

    It almost looks like CTD networks 3 or 4 other stores and sells out of their inventories at their prices and takes a cut off the top. Not saying that's how they work, but it is kinda how it looks. This may be one of the "warehouses" cranking prices, not CTD.

  2. I put a video up at my blog about price gouging if you are interested.

  3. They are also ceasing firearms sales. Traitors.


  4. Here is another one. This use to be ~$25


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  5. They want to appease the lib's, but want to make a buck of us.

    Those bitches will not get another dime from me.

  6. OK, pulling guns to appease the whining left. Eff that, lots of other companies support the 2A and could use the business.

  7. "Price gouging" is a leftist concept, created by government to "divide and conquer" people. There is no such thing.

    These vendors OWN that stuff and can charge any price they please. That's capitalism for you. Don't like it? Buy somewhere else.

    People who charge what the traffic will bear, as smart businessmen always do, are the ones who bring us the benefits of the free market. Let's not fall into statist traps.

  8. http://www.lewrockwell.com/block/block85.html

  9. Yea but Mr X your theory is somewhat muddled in this instance....The government is interfering in the free market by banning an item which is causing a spike in the value...This isn't a cause of supply and demand...

  10. I ran into this issue with CTD too. I went to buy some mags as Christmas gifts, mags that I had recently purchased a few months ago which had now more than doubled due to the shooting.

    I had checked the price a couple of days before the shooting but was holding off on getting until payday. Immediately after the shooting I transferred $ from my savings and I went to order them because I knew things were going to get crazy...and the price had already jumped already through the roof. $7.97 M1 Carbine mags were now $19.97 & $29.97 Mini 14 mags were now $59.97.

    I immediately sent them a nasty gram telling them how disgusting I found their actions and that I would be taking my business to Midway USA who had held their prices firm. I got no response from them and I do a fair amount of business. I guess they don't care about their customers so I'll vote with my wallet.