Monday, December 10, 2012

Beware of Counterfeit Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT)

Well it looks like Hong Kong is manufacturing counterfeit CAT's being sold as E-CAT's.

When looked at side-by-side, they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. So much so, that a guide on how to tell the difference, complete with pictures, has been created by the makers of the CAT.
1.The Element Cat (E-CAT) is a very carefully made counterfeit CAT tourniquet.
2.It is manufactured in Hong Kong for $8.50 (USD) per item.
3.There are no limits to the number that can be purchased.
4.They are available on the internet, and anyone can purchase them.
5.They were designed to look, feel and act like a CAT (GEN III).
6.They ARE a counterfeit tourniquet.
If you've recently purchased one, I suggest you read the guide and make sure you have the real thing. The fake one will not tighten the tourniquet.

It's a PDF file so you'll have to download it here.

h/t WyoThreeper for emailing me the link.


  1. Kind of makes you want to go into a certain warehouse in Hong Kong and slice a few brachial arteries.

  2. Some of these actually showed up in DOD inventory and were issued in Afghanistan.