Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bracken Speaks: The Chris Bronson Show


Skip to 56m18s to hear Matt talking about the Connecticut school shooting and where things will be headed next.

The blow back is coming.


  1. I am waiting to see what new gun laws will be proposed. Anything other than arming teachers would be unacceptable.


    Connect Preppers with crazy people. It begins in Europe.

  3. Now the story has been totally changed to the administrations requirement; the guy blew into the place with an assault rifle and slaughtered all those people.
    Yet the original police report was that he had the Glock and the Sig and did the deed that way.
    Check out this video on you tube before it is removed. There is a lot more here than the press is talking about.

  4. This whole thing reeks of a False Flag.