Friday, December 21, 2012

Brownells Sells 3.5 Years’ Worth of Magazines in 72 Hours

Soon to banned?

I knew things were bad, but this puts it into perspective.

Mind you, this is just the experience of one retailer.
In the face of possible legislation to restrict and possibly ban firearms and magazines over a certain capacity, waves of panic buyers have stripped shelves to the paint, at both retail and online gun stores.

A combination of demand and gouging has caused prices for rifle magazines and rifles, parts and accessories to more than double, with some vendors selling goods at five times what the average rate was just a few weeks ago.

Many online companies are selling magazines faster than their systems can handle, accepting orders for stock they don’t have and running out of stock mid-transaction.

Brownells spokesman Jason Corpus had this to say.

“I wanted to take a minute to shed some insight on the magazine situation if i can. First of all I wanted to offer an apology for the situation… with magazines being ‘In-Stock’ and back-ordered moments later… [The] demand for magazines actually exceeded the ability for the system to keep up with the volume that was being ordered. They way that our website works is that inventory is fed from our ERP system directly into the website in ‘real-time.’

Unfortunately, ‘real-time’ is the amount of time that it takes for the transactions to work both ways. During normal circumstances, it is nearly instant. However, we’ve been receiving orders at such a pace that these transactions have gotten slower. We absolutely apologize again, we definitely don’t want that ever to be your experience.

“To shed some more light on the magazine situation at present, it really has been unprecedented in the last 5 days. During a roughly the 72 hour period from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening we sold the ‘average demand’ equivalent of about 3.5 years worth of PMAGS, and and an even greater amount of our Brownells magazines. We’re working like crazy to get these orders to you as quickly as possible.” [Emphasis ours.]

He continued, saying that they’re working with Magpul and their own in-house magazine manufacturers to compensate for the sudden spike in sales. Magpul will be focusing on black magazines for the most part, which makes sense. They’re the most popular and they will spend less time re-tooling for other colors, focusing on production over variety.
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