Sunday, December 9, 2012

Surpise! State Sanctioned Murderers of Jose Guerena Contradict Each Other

Pima County sheriff's detectives and SWAT members contradict each other when answering attorneys' questions about a search warrant raid, which ended up in the death of Jose Guerena, an Iraq war vet who served two tours.
Scileppi argued that after the shooting, investigators tried to paint Guerena as the "muscle" or "enforcer" of the family drug gang. Scileppi said authorities had no evidence to back up those accusations.
News report with the video of the execution raid here.

Watch the video and listen carefully.

They'll get away with it.

They always do.

h/t Curtis


  1. that vid and you gotta wonder why he didn't engage........
    Odd CBS in Tucson didn't run this.

  2. In Pima county the Sheriff's department rarely interdict drug loads. Surprising since this county makes up a good portion of the border and Pinal county to the north does regularly interdict drug loads after they go through pima county and engages in routine high speed chases and gun fights. Pima county does, however, aggressively go after Rip Crews who seek to steal drug loads from the cartels in the US and is what the Guerena's are being portrayed as.


  3. Oath Keeper's Memorial for Jose