Monday, December 31, 2012

TL: You Have Been Drafted


Another excellent post by TL Davis.
I have no cards, or orders to offer you, but you cannot avoid the fact that if you are reading this blog, you have been drafted into a war you don't necessarily understand or even agree with. It is not your choice and like all drafts, it is instituted by the government, the government of years past.

Patrick Henry said, at end of a long and wonderful address: Give me liberty, or give me death.

The war is against us, by the usurpers and pretenders in the government. We did not choose this future, they did. We did not force our hands, they did. From the GOP, who do not understand their role in the resistance to the active Marxists in the DHS and TSA, we are under attack.

The single most important fight of our republic is happening now. The enemy has taken control of the government by support of those seeking favor in the new system. Their whole lives are dependent upon the success of the new regime. All benefits flow from the government in one way or another, either through actual gifts or a waiver from the worst the government will enact.
Read it all here.

Do you understand yet?

It's not just talk.

Never was.

Let the reality of it all sink in.

I'll save a spot for you in the foxhole.

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  1. See you on the Green, Ironwill.