Wednesday, October 31, 2012

American Deer Hunters: An Effective Fighting Force?

The debate on whether all the deer hunters in this country would make an unbeatable guerrilla fighting force continues.

If you're late to the party, as I am, here's a recap:

The debate started with Oleg Volk's post, The Mis-Directed Fetish of Marksmanship in which he questions their ability to fight against a well trained regular fighting force and be effective.

American Mercenary responded in his post, Marksmanship Matters, in which he argues that
"marksmanship is not a misdirected fetish unless it becomes separated from the rest of the necessities of political freedom...(marksmanship is) not worthless when taken part and parcel of a larger set of activities."

As a result of comments on that post, AM has written another response, 20 Million Deer hunters, guardians of freedom?
A lot of people who believe that 20 million deer hunters are a credible threat to tyranny seem to have the "Underpants Gnome" plan for success.

Step 1. 20 Million Deer Hunters!
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Victory!
What this conversation really boils down to is how you get from step one to step three.  Expecting 20 million people to self organize into anything is, in my opinion, expecting a miracle.
Read the rest here and make up your own mind. Lots of food for thought.

My 2¢:

Step 2 would be to fight smart.

In a guerrilla war, you usually have the luxury of choosing the time and place to carry out your operation. You don't carry one out unless you have a very high chance of success without getting caught. Be like ghosts. Hit and run. Demoralize them. Keep them wondering. Wear them down.

Don't go toe-to-toe with a conventional force. That's suicide. Go for soft targets. Sabotage. Disruptions. Etc...

I'm guessing that 90%+ of the action will occur in urban environments, not in rural fly-over country. Learn from the Battle of Grozny. Get your range cards made (you should have them already) for your AO.

But don't forget, you need support. You're going to need an organized auxiliary for anything long term.

This is stuff that's all been written about before on various blogs. Stop thinking it can't be done. It can.
We can win. We just have to be smart about it. 

Plan. Prepare. Persevere. And PT.

Video: Dog Shot By Omaha Police Officer

Here we go again.

Whether it's tazing a 10 year old, or conducting illegal rectal exams, or killing an innocent person on a raid in the wrong house, it seems that the thing cops enjoy most is killing dogs.

An Omaha police officer shot and killed a dog on a public sidewalk. The officer’s report claims the shooting was justified; however, the owners call the incident an execution of a friendly, family pet. Mike McKnight obtained surveillance video of the incident for a Fact Finders exclusive.

On October 7th, after midnight, police blocked a street in the area of 35th and Vinton to look for an armed suspect. They say Chris Schulte, who lives in the area, ignored orders to stop and walked the family dog toward the search area. He was arrested and his dog, Teela, shot.

Chris Schulte said, “You know I should have got back but I was just walking on. Not threatening, dog wasn't being aggressive.”

In the report by Officer Schuster and Officer Clement, the officers said “suspect’s dog became aggressive, growled at officers, and showed its teeth before being shot and killed.”

Tim Wagner told Channel 6 News he watched the incident, live, from inside his home via a night vision security camera.

Wagner said, “The dog didn't stand a chance. The dog did nothing aggressive. I've lived next to this dog two and a half years and it’s one of the best dogs.”
Read the rest here.

I have a theory. Call me nuts (wouldn't be the first time) but I think as part of the requirement to become an L.E.O., their soul must be relinquished in exchange for the 'Magic Badge of Power' which allows them to break the law, steal, kill, abuse, etc...and get away with it.

And people still call it an 'honorable' profession?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magtech First Defense Justice - Ammo Review

Okay this is my first ammo review with less than ideal conditions.

Ammo was generously donated by Lucky Gunner.

So I was asked to evaluate and report on the Magtech First Defense Justice round in .45acp.

  • Bullets - 165 grain +P solid copper hollow point (SCHP) Tin-coated
  • Casings - nickel-plated brass
  • Primer - boxer
  • Velocity (Muzzle): 1100 fps
  • Velocity (50 Yards/Meters): 1030 fps
  • Velocity (100 Yards/Meters): 975 fps
  • Energy (Muzzle): 443 ft lbs
  • Energy (50 Yards/Meters): 389 ft lbs
  • Energy (100 Yards/Meters): 349 ft lbs
I went out one weekend recently to go test this ammo. It was cold and cloudy with a slight gust. I brought my two oldest boys with me. They've never seen my pistol (Springfield XD45 Service Model) in action and I wanted to show them just how dangerous it is, that it's not a toy and get them to respect the weapon.

So I set up a head of lettuce on a stump that was on a slight incline. There wasn't any real flat surface to be found but it would have to do.

Being that this was +P ammo, I was expecting a snappier recoil than usual. I was also expecting a devastating explosion of coleslaw from the hollow points.

I took aim and fired. The boys hooted and howled in awe at the blast.

I noticed that the recoil wasn't any more than shooting regular load ammo. That was a nice surprise but made sense since this was a self-defense round. You don't want the recoil to be such that it takes you more time to reacquire your target.
But the lettuce didn't move. No instant coleslaw.

Did I miss? I walked over to take a closer look. Yep. I missed. I hit the stump a couple inches below the top. Okay, adjust for incline.

Safety off, take aim, and FIRE! coleslaw salad. But I did hit it. The bullet impact removed some of the layers on the front and continued through.

I surmised that the lettuce was not dense enough for a good show. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to pick up a watermelon from the store. I think my boys would have really enjoyed that. Next time.

Well then the weather decided it didn't want to cooperate and started drizzling/sleeting.

So I kinda rushed and continued to shoot at this thing a few more times, I didn't know if it would suddenly downpour and I didn't want this 2 hour drive to be for nothing.

 I hit the stump a couple more times, hit the lettuce a few more times.

But still no coleslaw.

Oh well. 

Time to move on to the water jugs. At least those would make a nice show, plus they would catch the bullet and I'd have a nice open petal hollow point to show the boys.

Once again, everything was on a slight incline. I lined up 8 bottles in a row in front of the stump.

I took aim and fired.

Hooting and hollering from the peanut galley ensued as water splashed everywhere. 

I went over to see how many jugs the bullet penetrated and began to count.

One. Two. Three. 

Only three? And where is the bullet? I examined the first jug. Entry at the center. I examined the 2nd jug. Entry below center. I examined the third jug. Entry just above the bottom with an exit hole at the bottom. 

Ah man! The bullet went into the ground.

Quick, set up more jugs. The drizzle/sleet is getting colder and heavier...not quite a rain yet but close enough.

I was able to shoot three more times...all with the same result. A big blast of water, hoots and hollers from the boys, and a bullet that had ended up exiting into the ground. I did get it to go through 4 jugs though.

That's it! It's starting to come down now. We quickly cleaned up the mess and carried it to the car. Pack it in, pack it out. Loaded the boys in the car, did a quick double check to make sure I didn't leave anything behind, and we headed home.

So I wasn't able to make a thorough evaluation of the rounds effect on objects. 
  1. The lettuce didn't make a suitable object to shoot at
  2. The water jugs were too much at an angle to get a straight shot through the jugs
  3. I rushed because of the weather
  4. I didn't take enough photos as a result of my rushing 
My impressions of the round:
  1. Even though it was a +P round, there was no noticeable increase in recoil
  2. The rounds all chambered and ejected without a problem
  3. The tin coating on the copper bullet did make cleaning the barrel very easy - no copper fouling
  4. The rounds that did hit the tree stump went in deep enough that I couldn't dig them out
  5. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone with this round if it came down to it.
When I have some more free time, which has been extremely rare as of late, I will go and retest this round with the proper conditions and targets. I want to give this round a fair evaluation and I don't think I was able to do so this time around.

It wasn't a total loss however. My boys now have a healthy respect for Dad's pistol. We got to spend some time together, and I got out of having to hang out with the in-laws.

Thanks for reading.

Cop Tazes 10-Year-Old Boy For Refusing To Clean Patrol Car

Still think cops are there to serve in the interest of public safety?

Yeah, was just one cop. Don't paint the entire profession with a broad brush based on a few bad apples you say.

Well in case you haven't been paying attention lately, it seems that the bad apples out number the good ones these days.

Career day" at Tularosa New Mexico Intermediate School went terribly wrong after a 10-year-old boy says a police officer used his Taser gun to show him what cops do to people who don’t follow orders.

Officer Chris Webb of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety is being sued in court after allegedly using his Taser-brand stun gun on a school playground to send 50,000 volts of electricity into a young boy’s body, forcing the child to blackout.

According to the complaint filed on behalf of the child, "Defendant Webb asked the boy, R.D., in a group of boys, who would like to clean his patrol unit,” when the officer came to the school earlier this year. "A number of boys said that they would. R.D., joking, said that he did not want to clean the patrol unit.”

Defendant Webb, the complaint suggests, responded by pointing his Taser at R.D. and saying, 'Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police.'" The officer then allegedly fired two barbs from the device at the child’s chest, penetrating his shirt.

"Instead of calling emergency medical personnel, Officer Webb pulled out the barbs and took the boy to the school principal's office," the complaint continues. When he attempted to remove the weapon attached to his skin, though, the 100-pound child passed out. Since then, he has been left with scars that are described in court as resembling cigarette burns.

A representative for the child says the boy has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since the incident occurred on May 4.

"The boy, R.D., has woken up in the middle of the night holding his chest, afraid he is never going to wake up again,” guardian ad litem Rachel Higgins tells the court.

"No reasonable officer confronting a situation where the need for force is at its lowest, on a playground with elementary age children, would have deployed the Taser in so reckless a manner as to cause physical and psychological injury,” Higgins adds.

Higgins is now suing the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and Officer Webb on behalf of the child in Santa Fe County Court, where she seeks punitive damages for the boy for battery, failure to render emergency medical care, excessive force, unreasonable seizure, and negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention, Courthouse News reports.
Brave cop.

Clean your own damn car next time you lazy SOB!

Hopefully you won't have a squad car to clean when all is said and done.

Matt Bracken: Did Obama Withhold Cross-Border Authority?

Matt (via Facebook) gives his analysis on what happened that night on 9-11-12 in Benghazi and concludes it was a setup.
Feel free to repost this everywhere under my name. My main "qualification" to speak to this issue was being a SEAL officer, and leading a 25-man navspecwar det to Beirut.

Did Obama withhold Cross-Border Authority?

Please help me. I am trying as hard as I can to get out the word about cross-border authority. I just can't believe reporters don't know enough to ask the right questions! It's infuriating. Libya, as far as standing down the rescue, is 100% Obama's show, and nobody else's. Only he can grant CBA, not Biden, not Panetta, not Dempsey, not Hillary, and certainly not Ham in Germany.

The entire episode is explained perfectly inside the context of not granting CBA. The CIA QRF in Tripoli? No problem, send them on the local Tripoli station chief's say-so. He merely informs up COC that he has done so. CCs them so to speak. "This is what I am doing." Ditto if Predators were in country, no problem using them.

But the big rescue air armada streaming toward Libya right away after the alarm got to Stuttgart and Africom? That has to stop. I believe at the 5pm meeting with Panetta and Biden in the Oval Office, he said, "No outside military intervention," on the basis that the last report was the "lull" from the consulate, at about 1030 p.m. in Benghazi, when the attack appeared to be over and the situation stabilizing.

(As a soft exception, Obama may have authorized sending an unarmed Predator from outside of Libya, but I am thinking the two Predators were already in-country, and hence available to use within “no CBA granted” rules.)

"No outside military intervention" equals "no cross-border authority" and that constitutes "standing orders" until POTUS changes them. Nobody else can “un-decide” the POTUS decree. The rescue air-armada of C-17s, C-130s and SOF helos like MH-47 Chinooks and Pavehawks cannot proceed directly to Libya without CBA being granted, so instead they are all staged at Sigonella, Sicily.

USN ships are in position to "lilypad" helos for long over-water flights. Airborne tankers are coming into position. SOF forces in Sigonella are going over their gear for different contingencies. Fuming all night as officers keep checking in with operational commanders. "Hold in place, no rescue yet. We can't find the President, it sounds like," say the colonels to the majors and captains. 100s of military must know about this. I keep waiting for the conclusive whistle-blowers to come forward BEFORE the election. After won't matter, it will be for the historians.

Panetta is falling on his sword for Obama with his absurd-on-its-face, "The military doesn't do risky things" defense of no rescue. Panetta is destroying his future reputation entirely, to save Obama. The question is why? Loyalty?

Petreaus was probably "used" in some way early, about the supposed CIA intel link to the Mohammed video, and now he feels burned. So he conclusively said via his PAO, "The stand-down order did not come from CIA." Well, what is higher than CIA? Only White House. Obama, nobody else. Petreaus is naming Obama without naming him.

Now, as far as Obama / Huma Abedin / Valerie Jarrett etc actually wanting Ambassador Stevens dead, to terminate the end of the very dirty Libyan arms to Syrian AQ programs, I can't speculate. Obama is not competent enough I'm thinking.

But for sure, the ambassador going to unsecure Benghazi on 9-11 of all days stinks to me of a setup. You can bet Stevens would have told the Turks, "No, 9-11 is not a good day for us," and stayed in Tripoli behind many high and thick walls. For him to go to dangerous Benghazi on 9-11 means the Turks totally insisted, but why would they care about the meeting date, unless they were in on a “hit” as the Judas goat?

Alternatively, ordering Stevens to meet the Turks in Benghazi on 9-11 may have come from down OUR chain of command. Stevens seems to have been wearing two hats as ambassador and CIA arms shipper. Moving between more-secure Tripoli, the Benghazi "consulate," and the CIA "annex." So orders to him might come down the State or the CIA commo channels, or both. I am unclear on his job title and true position, but either the CIA or State sends him final instructions. How this works with “dual-hatted” ambassadors, I haven’t a clue.

But Stevens meeting the Turks at the unsecure Benghazi "consulate" on 9-11 stinks to me of a deliberate setup. The Turks left the meeting and probably flashed their headlights to the attack team commanders lurking in shadows. A coded text, a word on a phone, meaning, "The ambassador is there, with minimal security: proceed with the attack plan."

But that is all pure speculation. What I know FOR SURE is that the big "stand down order" issue revolves around granting or withholding cross-border authority.

Every SOF officer and ops officer all the way up has this drummed into his head. We can make Obama respond to this question, even if reporters must shout it at him while he's doing storm cleanup photo ops. If the reporters KNOW enough to ask the quesion. That's why I am shouting all over the internet about CBA.

I can't believe cross-border authority permission is not one of the top discussion points about Benghazi.

That, and who "set him up" by sending him to Beghazi to meet the Turks on 9-11, with them leaving after dark.

And of course, down the road, was the military rescue-in-progress turned back because Obama actually wanted to make sure the consulate was wiped out? Is that why the spooks at the annex were refused permission to travel the under one mile to intervene? That would connect it all together, but for now, the best focus is on Obama either granting or withholding cross-border authority for the rescue.

Feel free to repost these musings of a long-ago SOF officer anywhere you please.
Matt adds the following comment to his post:
The only "other interest" in Behghazi that's plausible is the CIA "annex" operation, shipping arms including SA-7s and worse SA-22s to Syrian jihadists aligned with AQ. But you still don't leave guys in a "Fort Apache" under attack with no rescue. Never. Never. Never.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Ann Barnhardt! Your Account Is Seized - Love, The IRS

Happy Birthday
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 27, AD 2012 9:41 AM MST

Today is my 36th birthday.

Today is also the day that the IRS confiscated my bank account. I think that is positively poetic. Now you people know why I keep saying that this website won't be around much longer and YOU will have to rebuild after the collapse and war. This isn't a game. This is completely, totally real.

I heard it said recently that saints are people who put their money where their mouth is. I hope that's right. I pray that's right.

Here is this morning's online image from my Wells Fargo personal checking account. I anticipate the business accounts will be drained early next week, too. I further expect that any monies that I attempt to deposit into any of my bank accounts will be swept by the IRS. They claim my "bill" is into the six figures, so $20,000 to them is just the very, very beginning.

(click to enlarge)
They will also be coming after my car and my home.

I'm glad I bought a year's worth of freeze-dried food. Looks like I'm going to be needing it. But today, for my birthday, today will be a DOUBLE bacon cheeseburger day. And a strawberry malted.
Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy: deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man. For Thou art God, my strength: why hast Thou cast me off? And why do I go sorrowful whilst the enemy afflicteth me? Send forth Thy light and Thy truth: they have conducted me, and brought me unto Thy holy hill, and into Thy tabernacles. And I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth. To Thee, O God my God, I will give praise upon the harp; why art thou sad, O my soul? And why dost thou disquiet me? Hope in God, for I will still give praise to him: the salvation of my countenance, and my God.
Psalm 42 (Psalm 43 in Protestant Bibles)
Happy (?) Birthday Ann.

If they're coming after you, you're doing something right.

For the rest of you, are you prepared to live without access to your accounts?

Do you have enough hidden away?

Do you have an alternative means of untraceable income?

This sh*t is getting real now.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mosby: Escape and Evasion Operations, Part One: Planning Considerations

Escape-and-evasion operations are a traditional task of Special Forces in the UW paradigm. It is also a historically critical resistance operation. Much of the following section of this discussion will revolve around the doctrinal theory behind E&E operations, with much more specific details to follow in sequel articles.
 Read the rest here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seattle Police Display Drones They Hope To Deploy

The public will have its first chance to view the drone aircraft Seattle police hope to deploy during a 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 25) presentation at Garfield Community Center.

Though a drone will not be flown at the community center, 2323 E. Cherry St., one will be on display and police will answer questions about the department's unmanned aerial vehicles, police said.
Oh goody!

Come one! Come all! Come see the latest tool we'll use to suppress your rights in the name of 'public safety'.

But don't worry, our drone will able to infringe on your rights for very short periods of time.
They are limited by a battery life of less than 10 minutes and an inability to carry more than 35 ounces, according to police.
And the FAA limits when we can use these neat toys.
According to FAA guidelines, police drones cannot be flown at night, around people or over crowds. FAA requirements also state that drones must be flown below 400 feet and must remain within eyesight of an operator as well as an observer at all times.
You can read the rest here.

If you can't make it to Seattle today to see this amazing toy, you can watch the video below.

Remember, this is all for 'public safety' purposes. *wink*

Bracken: Trapping Feral Pigs and Other Parables of Modern Life

Matt makes the connection for you.
Most of these parables involve a densely packed population that undergoes a cutoff in their food supply that is too rapid to permit them an adjustment period. The more densely packed the population, the more likely that when their food is abruptly cut off, they will attempt to break out in search of new food sources.

Urban areas in the United States and other countries present many risks similar to some of the parables cited above. America has somehow evolved a system for artificially maintaining the lives of millions inside open-air prisons, with free food dispensed to the voluntarily semi-incarcerated. It is all too easy to grow dependent on free food, as the feral pigs might attest. Turkeys don’t know any better, being born in captivity, but the same fate awaits them at the end of the free-food line.

Today we have become a nation of slaves.

Read the entire essay over at WRSA.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"What If America" A Wake Up Call

What if...?

What if...?

What if...?

Selco: In Violent Urban Survival Scenario… Violence Is The Easy Part

...I think a lot of writing about survival today is about gear reviews and buying another gun and that is fun I know but going to places where it hurts you today… where you can push your limits is time very well spent.
Read the rest here.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pragmatism vs. Principle: What To Do With Mitt

As much as I want Øbama defeated, I cannot vote for the other guy.

I won't compromise my principles.

Food for thought:
Some of us have resigned ourselves to the now-cliché "lesser of two evils" rationalization and are planning to support Romney for purely pragmatic reasons: "Obama's got to go, and Mitt is our only realistic hope of stopping the radical communist." Some of us instead are third-party supporters who are aligned with someone like Ron Paul (as a write-in), Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, in the hope of influencing public policy (if not the outcome of the election itself). And some of us are platform-minded Republicans who support the unifying published principles of the GOP, but can't tolerate the thought of voting for Mitt Romney — who is arguably the most liberal-socialistic (not to mention opportunistic) Republican nominee ever, despite his feigned conservatism, and who, by the way, has distanced himself from the party platform.

A lot has been said about the two "evils" these "twin-party" choices pose for moral conservatives. Obama is obviously disqualified for his Marxist/Islamist/destroy-America agenda, likely to play out to a catastrophic conclusion if he's re-elected — that is, if God doesn't intervene in our hour of extreme need and spare our nation from Obama's evil designs.

For his part, Romney is unqualified for a long list of reasons that make voting for him problematic for anyone determined to do the right thing this election. More on that in a moment.
Read the rest here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

TL Davis: An Angry Little Dog

As is typical, the Patriot/Liberty movement is divided. Like a pie cut into three pieces, there are hard lines marking the division of each piece, wholly separate and lifted out of the tin at any moment.

In viewing the upcoming election there are three distinct views: elect Obama again and get the ball rolling toward a reset; elect Romney and gain a little more time to make preparations and organize a resistance; or vote for an independent (most often Gary Johnson) and avoid the "lesser of two evils" vote so many of us detest.
T.L. gives his 2¢.

While I might not agree with everything he says, I do agree with much.

Either way, time is short.

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Think There's A Difference?

From Denninger:
Holy crap.

First, if you were looking for some sort of rousing surprise, you got one.  But not where you might have been looking for it.

Romney tattooed Obama with his record, which was his strongest point of attack and a perfectly-valid one.  Obama failed to lead, but he had little to lead with given the 4 years of history.  The dissembling coming from Obama on the Libya attacks, in particular, were outrageous lies.  But Romney told his share of whoppers as well in that he had no point of defense when it came to offshoring jobs and his record of doing it himself.
Read the rest here.

Neither one of these jokers will do anything to repudiate, repeal, or remove, any laws, mandates, or E.O.'s that step all over our Unalienable Rights. They'll continue to do just the opposite.

The People's Propaganda Department have done an excellent job keeping you in the dark and spoon feeding you a 'choice' to vote from.

There are 'other' candidate choices on the ballot, but you'll have to do your own homework.

If you're going to protest by abstaining from voting, reconsider and at least vote for one of the other guys. (after you do your homework)

It's not going to make a difference anyway (because I believe the die has been cast) but you can still vote.

This might be your last opportunity to do so.

h/t Pete

Monday, October 15, 2012

Video: Police Brutalize Defenseless Man

Another police beating caught on tape.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — On Monday evening, October 8, 2012, police were called about a man who was sleeping in the lounge of the Aliya Institute on East New York Ave. The caller may have mistakenly believed that the homeless man, Ehud H. Halevi, was loitering on the center’s property without permission.

Aliya (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) is a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youth in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Two officers from the 71st precinct, one male and one female, arrived and woke the man. Confused as to why he was being accosted by police, the man refused the officers’ attempts to escort him outside, insisting that he had permission to be there and asking that they allow him to prove it.

His pleas fell on deaf ears, and they proceeded to place him under arrest.

When he resisted arrest, the male officer flew into a rage and began to beat the defenseless man. As can be seen in the video below, the officer assumed a boxing stance and then lurched towards his victim, pummeling him from all sides.

Over the next couple of minutes the man is also pepper-sprayed and beaten with a truncheon by the female officer, all while posing no threat to the officers’ well-being whatsoever.

After a good two minutes of sadistic thrashing, the officers are joined by a squadron of their peers, and successfully put him in handcuffs and under arrest.

A source confirmed with that the man had full permission to be there, and had been living there for a month without any trouble. It is unknown who called the police or why.

Adding insult to injury, the man is being charged with assault on a police officer(!) - a felony - which can bring a sentence of 5 years in prison upon conviction.

He is also facing four Misdemeanor charges and four violations, including trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment.

He has been released on bail.

Aliya declined to comment on the matter in any official capacity.


But remember, they have badges, so they did nothing wrong.

Dearbornistan H.S. Principle Calls Police on Vehicle for Driving With Israeli Flags

So apparently being stuck in traffic while displaying Israeli flags from your truck is now considered provocation. Especially if this occurs in front of Fordson High School while school is being let Dearbornistan, Michigan.
On 9-14-2012, Dearborn Fordson High School principal called the police on me for driving with 2 Israeli flags on my truck.

The Dearborn police were one car behind me when this student threw a bottle on my windshield. The police did not stop the student, but instead stopped me for 30 minutes asking me why I would display Israeli flags on my truck.

The Fordson High principal filed an incident report and so did I. However, Dearborn police refuse to release either report. Incident #: 12-49143, Incident #: 12-49503."

In addition, I am a 1988 Fordson High School graduate.
Read the rest of this creeping sharia story here.

The principle who called the cops is Mr. Youssef Mosallam. No surprise there.

He can be reached at:

The school district phone number is 313-827-3000.

The Dearbonistan Police Department can be reached at 313-943-2240, but unfortunately  copies of police reports are only released if your name is on the report and has to be picked up in person.

Muslim Dhimmitude in action with a Police Department to enforce it.

Coming to your neighborhood.

Cop Shoots Family Dog Playing with Children

What makes this 'Cop Shoots Dog' story a little different is that this dog was playing with children when the brave hero cop decided to shoot it.
Quawan Branch, 9, described the attack by Memphis Police on his 1-year-old Labrador, named Pepper.

"The police officer, he just came up and started shooting at my dog," he said.
The dog-killer must have been pressed for time to meet his dog killing quota.

Read the rest here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blast Injury and Triage - Viewer Discretion

Uncensored footage of an Afghan soldier working with our troops getting severely wounded by an IED or landmine. (blast occurs at 0:50 mark)

Left leg severed below the ankle. Left arm damaged from the blast. Severe facial injuries to lips and eyes, possible broken jaw.

Use this video as a training tool. (as in what NOT to do)

You do have your CAT Tourniquets, right?

Brush up "Get solid training" in TC3. (Corrected per Mosby. See comments below)

Mosby discusses. Part 1 and Part 2.

There is no redo on the final exam.

h/t DS. Stay safe out there.

Friday, October 12, 2012

SWAT Raids Wrong House - Burns Sleeping Girl With Flash-Bang

Effects of the flash-bang that gave a girl 1st and 2nd degree burns
Another SWAT boondoggle that Police Chief Rich St. John describes as, "...totally unforeseen, totally unplanned and extremely regrettable."
A 12-year-old girl suffered burns to one side of her body when a flash grenade went off next to her as a police SWAT team raided a West End home Tuesday morning.

"She has first- and second-degree burns down the left side of her body and on her arms," said the girl's mother, Jackie Fasching. "She's got severe pain. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes."

Medical staff at the scene tended to the girl afterward and then her mother drove her to the hospital, where she was treated and released later that day.
A photo of the girl provided by Fasching to The Gazette shows red and black burns on her side.
A SWAT member attached it to a boomstick, a metal pole that detonates the grenade, and stuck it through the bedroom window. St. John said the grenade normally stays on the boomstick so it goes off in a controlled manner at a higher level. (You mean like in someones face?!)

However, the officer didn't realize that there was a delay on the grenade when he tried to detonate it. He dropped it to move onto a new device, St. John said. The grenade fell to the floor and went off near the girl.
How much training do they give these 'elite' SWAT guys? Best of the best? Hardly. Not only that, but do they even do their homework before conducting a raid?
St. John said investigators did plenty of homework on the residence before deciding to launch the raid but didn't know children were inside.
STFU! Obviously you didn't do 'plenty of homework' since you failed to determine that there were children in the house.That's just lazy investigating, or perhaps incompetence is more appropriate.

Here's another thing that bothers me. According to the mother:
"They said their intel told them there was a meth lab at our house. If they would've checked, they would've known there's not."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if they suspected a meth lab to be in the house, wouldn't an incendiary device be the wrong thing to throw in the house? Seriously, WTF?!

But whatever happens, it's okay because they have badges.
"If we're wrong or made a mistake, then we're going to take care of it," he said. "But if it determines we're not, then we'll go with that.
 In other words, they're not wrong. They're never wrong. They followed 'procedure' after all, which as always, will exonerate them of any wrong doing.
When we do this, we want to ensure the safety of not only the officers, but the residents inside."
There, fixed it.

As pointed out at the end of the article on the LRC site:
The murder of Aiyana Jones, like the terrorist assault in Billings, is a product of the mindset described by Gabe Suarez, who spent 12 years as a police officer in Santa Monica: "When I was on [the] SWAT [team] our view [was] that 'We will always win....even if we have to burn down your entire house by bombing it....we will win’."
Do you understand the mindset of these jackboots with badges yet?
Read the entire story here.
As Curtis says, Shoot them in the face...
h/t WyoThreeper for the tip

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4 Milwaukee Police Officers Charged - Illegal Rectal Searches

Four Milwaukee police officers were charged Tuesday with felonies related to illegal rectal searches of suspects on the street and in police district stations over the past two years.

In one case, an officer held a gun to a man's head as two others held his arms and a third put him in a choke hold while jamming a hand into his anus, purportedly searching for evidence, according to the criminal complaint. Another man bled from his rectum for several days after his encounter with police, the complaint says.

The complaint lays out in graphic detail how the primary suspect, Officer Michael Vagnini, conducted searches of men's anal and scrotal areas, often inserting his fingers into their rectums. Vagnini acknowledged performing one of the searches. At least one suspect said Vagnini planted drugs on him.

State law and police procedures prohibit officers from conducting cavity searches. Only medical personnel are allowed to perform them, and police must first obtain a search warrant.
 Ignore the law, they have a badge, they are the law!

Michael Tobin, executive director of the Fire and Police Commission, said the next step is to determine through a separate internal investigation whether discipline should result.

You have to try and figure this one out?
  • Illegal searches
  • Planting of evidence
  • Sexual assault
  • Depriving another person of his civil rights under color of law
Meanwhile the fingering-butt-pokers are enjoying some nice relaxing paid time off.

Read the rest of the of story here.

This crap will continue to happen until they get the message.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Republic is Dead, But I Am Not

Photo by Michael Friberg
Tonight, 3 flags were retired at the Cub Scout pack meeting of my 2 oldest boys.

The following script was read during the retirement ceremony:
I am your Flag. I was born on June 14, 1777. I am more than just a piece of cloth shaped into a colorful design; I am the silent sentinel of freedom for the greatest sovereign nation on earth. I am the inspiration for which America patriots gave their lives and fortunes; I am the emblem of America.

I have led your sons into battle from Valley Forge to Afghanistan. I have been there though the Civil War, Two World wars, at Gettysburg, Flanders, Korea, the Gulf War, all of them. I was there with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and I here with you now.

I have flown through Peace and War. Through strife and Prosperity, and amidst it all, I have always been respected. My red stripes symbolize the blood spilled in defense of this glorious nation. My white stripes, the burning tears shed by Americans who lost their sons in battle. My blue field represents God’s Heaven under which I fly, and my stars, clustered together, unify the fifty states as one for God and Country.

I am "Old Glory" and I proudly wave on high. Honor me, respect me, and defend me with your lives. Never let our enemies tear me down from my lofty position, lest I never return. Keep alight the fires of patriotism, strive earnestly for the spirit of democracy, and keep me always as a symbol of freedom, liberty, and peace in our country.

When it comes the time when I am old and faded, do not let me fly in disrepair, rather Retire me from my duties only to replace me with a new flag so that I may continue to symbolize our country.
One at a time each flag was ceremoniously unfurled, given a last Pledge of Allegiance, then carefully placed into its' fiery end.

In the midst of the silent salutes as the first flag was carefully placed into the fire, my vision became blurred as tears welled in my eyes. I've realized it before, but that was the moment that I accepted that our America, our Republic, the one that so many bled and died for, is truly dead.

I reflected on the fact that my boys will never know the freedom that was promised to them. They will only know stories of what it used to be. Hoodwinked by opportunists and allowed to be sold by a complacent citizenry, it may be too late to turn back.

Yes, it may be too late, but I will not roll over and do nothing.

I choose not to distract myself with television 'programming' like the masses do.

I choose not to waste my time pumping my head full of useless lyrics from sub-par poets set to the same monotonous beats.

I choose not to go to the Colosseum in my living room and watch opposing teams battle over a pigskin ball.

I choose to spend my time earning an honest living to provide for my family.

I choose to spend my time learning as much as I can from like minded men like John Mosby, Arctic Patriot, and others.

I choose to spend my time making plans and preparations for what's to come.

I need to work more on building my tribe.

I need to work more on establishing contacts.

There is always something more that needs to be done.

I will continue to do what I can to prepare for the fight we all know is coming. Hell, even the .gov knows it's coming! What do you think they are getting ready for?

I owe it to my family.

I owe it my myself.

And most of all, I owe it to those who served in my stead.

There are times when I feel like a rider in Theoden's army, facing an insurmountable horde of Orcs.

But I am not alone, when I look around, I see others besides me with the same thoughts and concerns.

When the time arrives, I will die fighting. I choose to die free of those who want to oppress me. I will not be the only one.

I've made my peace with it. My soul is secure. Death has no claim over me.

The Republic is dead, but I am not.

Not yet.

Let This Be A Warning America: When the Riots Start the Government’s Response Will Be Brutal

What’s different about America compared to Europe, however, is that our government is actively preparing for this contingency, having introduced laws through legislative action, as well as by executive order, that are specifically designed to stifle free speech in public areas, detain indefinitely and reeducate those who act against the national interests of the United States, and eliminate permanently those who cannot be pacified.

Government plans for mass casualty events are being enacted as we speak, and domestic policing forces are stocking up on riot gear and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.

They know it’s coming.

Are we ready for it?
Read the entire piece here at and make sure you click and read ALL the links in that article.

I think we're just about out of time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mosby Articulates Why The Republic is Dead

The Shit has ALREADY hit the fan. The Republic is dead, and no one is coming to help you. Let’s look at this from a novel perspective….
Read it all here.

Plan accordingly.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dark Arts for Good Guys: The .22 LR Pistol and You

Walther TPH .22LR

The .22 LR round is often overlooked and passed over in favor of 'man-stopper' rounds.

Through personal experience I will say this: I do not ever want to get shot with one again.
Once upon time I spent a week with a retired CIA spook who was kind enough...well actually he was paid, to give me some training in electronic counter measures, lock picking and a few other useful skills that would aid me in some of en devours.

One evening after a steak dinner someplace he went to pay the tab and was looking for a pen or something in one of his pants pockets and in the process laid out a well worn pocket holster with a small automatic resting inside. It turned out to be a well worn blued Walther TPH (German made). Having never seen a TPH before and wanting to know more about this Walther PPK someone had left in the dryer I asked to see it.

Complete with a threaded barrel the little piece was chambered in .22 long rifle and he smiled a bit and said "if that little gun could talk." He told me of a few misadventures surrounding the piece but, it was his parting remark that stuck with me "If you are lucky enough to travel around the world armed and doing it mainly alone do yourself a favor always carry a .22 pistol, regardless of anything else you pack."
Read the rest of Matthew's informative post here.