Saturday, January 5, 2013

51 Police Cars Pursuit 1 Car


Suspects Malissa Williams, the passenger, and driver Timothy Russell led the chase. At the end both would be shot more than 20 times each in the head and chest by 11 officers.

Malissa was shot 24 times and Russell was shot 23 times.

The pursuing police were undercover, vice, detectives and street patrols. Sometimes the pursuit went at a high rate of speed beyond the posted limit. It's not clear from the tape exactly how fast.

It wound through narrow neighborhood streets, weaved through sometimes dense traffic. At each camera, the chase recorded not a dozen, not two dozen, but 51 police cars.

Police protocol is two cars, unless circumstances warrant more. Before seeing this video, critics called this chase a frenzy of out of control cops. These pictures will no doubt be used to prove their point.
(full story here)


  1. I am speachless...what to repond to...51 police cars; over a hundred shots & 20+ hits; this is a twistd story These "off the meter" police activities happen too often. I'm just positive there will a oompetent investigation. LOL

  2. So, what were they supposed to have done? This response is completely off the meter unless they were serial killers or Nazi war criminals.

    Likely, they were just smoking a joint..

  3. WTF? Any bets these two had rap sheets long than Barney Frank's male clients list?

    Are you guys all cop harters like Al Sharpton?

    1. Are you kidding Anonymous? Somehow you think 51 chase cars is reasonable? As Wraith points out, unless they were the most serious of criminals, this was way over the top. The pursuit started reportedly when someone THOUGHT they heard a gunshot as the couple drove past a police station. I support responsible law enforcement. This event cannot be described as such.
      I admit, I don't know the whole story...but really, 51 cars? 100+ gun shots? excessive.

  4. To Anonymous:

    So you think that a POSSIBLY long rap sheet justifies taking over 100 shots at UNARMED suspects. You sir, are a lackey or a fool.

  5. In Cleveland it's about the hunt.

    Must've been a slow night because-51 cars?!

    Y'know, that could be useful if a rifle ambush were to be laid in prepared, hidden positions-not hard in a urban area-and the car led the cops to the ambush spot..

  6. Yep! File that under 'when the time comes' mental file.