Thursday, January 3, 2013

Colorado Gun Background Check - 9 Days Long

More than 1,000 firearm background checks were submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on Christmas Eve.

As of Wednesday morning, CBI had 11,420 checks in the queue, waiting to be processed, according to bureau officials.

The current wait time is currently more than nine days.

The process that usually takes minutes has been backlogged for weeks following a massive rush in the state to purchase guns.
The most I've ever waited was 2 hours. This is just 1 State. There are 49 others that the media is not talking about.

Gee, I wonder why?

People are not arming themselves just to turn around and register them.

People are arming themselves for war.

It's coming.


  1. Impressive statistic, but I think you are too optimistic. A war implies each side has a plan of action on some level. This spree was pure instinct. No plan.

    They went on a spree because they think they will be able to "grandfather" their new rifles. Whatever that means, but it sounds profitable.

    But most of those will quickly bring their new (likely unfired) rifles to the Designated Compulsory Buy Back Location in a few months.

    Some of them, to be sure, will cause trouble when a federally-owned breaching tool is used to cause their front door to explode inward.

    But only a few will actually take the fight to enemy. And I have a feeling they didn't need to buy anything in the past couple of weeks.

    1. You might be right. But it will only take a small percentage of active resistors to get the ball rolling.

    2. MOST PEOPLE IN COLORADO CAN'T READ,there from california,and only came to colorado to screw up this state to,after they ruined california,IF THE PEOPLE IN COLORADO COULD READ,they would know its treason to pass laws in violation of the DICK ACT OF 1902,anyone passing laws against guns is a traitor and any law enforcement agency not attemping to arrest them is guilty of treason to...............

  2. True enough. What the stores should be doing now, knowing the shitstorm is coming, is to release the weapons without a background check. Why not? What will they do? Oh shit...we're in the middle of a 5 month long firefight but I should worry about the ATF paperwork and if I filled out all my forms correctly. Your business selling guns is through anyway. Not likely to cause a loss of sleep when we're dug in deep anyway.
    Sort of like paying off the credit card. I can't afford an AR right now...
    Put it on the credit card and let Chase buy it for you. If you intend on fighting, chances are you may get killed anyway so don't worry about the bill. Pay it back with hot lead. Even if you don't plan on fighting. The fact that you read this blog is enough reason for progressives to round you up.