Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberty's Torch: The Rising

... It really hit me when I realized that the World War-era M1 Garands , M1 carbines, and Enfield .303s were gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants—of which every gun store always seems to have 10-20—were gone. So was their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years was gone. This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.

Indeed it is.
Read it all here.
I guess we're out of time.

Pick your targets carefully.

h/t CA


  1. Gonna be a while for restock.


    1. Too bad, I wanted to pick up a Mosin but, HELL YEAH!

      If you have grandchildren, have you bought a gun for them?

      And, maybe you have a semi-auto belt fed gun-wouldn't a armored car make a nice accessory?