Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Someone Had Cajones At The Inaguration


"Don't Tread on Me! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

A reader got this picture to us with the REST OF THE STORY in regards to our photo posting from last night: "BE THAT GUY".

This man held an American flag in distress as well as a white Gadsden flag (Culpeper Militia) in the viewing stands on the Inaugural parade route. Seen on the night of inauguration on CNN's website the photo was captured to show here.


"I first noticed the distress flag maybe a half hour before he was asked to leave- I am going to estimate about 0930, my picture files have time I transferred them, not the time I took them.

I tried to get closer to him, but the crowd was too thick. We were in the second tranche of the non-ticketed area, you can see the National Museum of the American Indian behind him as he is being escorted way, for reference.

He was pretty much dead center as you look across the mall (I was on the north edge of the crowd). Not long after I took the first picture of the flags in the distance he was able to move forward a good bit, maybe 50 yards or so.

The crowd was very dense, so I am not sure how he managed that. He stayed in the new location until the police escorted him out. He marched, and I mean marched, out of the crowd with the flags held high.

As soon as they got him into the strip between the tranches he lowered the flags, I am assuming here that they made him do that and there was simply no room in the crowd to do so sooner. That's when I moved to the barrier and took the photos.

He was speaking to the police, conversationally, and they were answering the same way. I did not see them touch him at all. The only bit of conversation I heard was one of the police directing him to leave.


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