Monday, January 21, 2013

TL: Dear Cop

Another excellent post by TL Davis.
The battlespace is starting to firm up. Yes, I hear the law enforcement personnel who say that they might be 10% of their comrades who will stand. I hear Oathkeepers staying true to their sentiments about the Assault Weapons Ban. Maybe 10% of the Oathkeepers will keep their oath. There are two things that need to happen: 1) Good Cops Need To Declare Themselves Now, as a recent post suggested; 2) we need to start forming connections to each other, the gun community and those willing to stand for their oaths and defend them.
I know law enforcement is used to standing alone, relying on brothers in arms for their defense and the defense of the laws. Forget it, that day is over. Today, right now, there are only two different individuals in the nation: those who will support the Constitution and those who will try to destroy it. Pick a side already and start forming up with those in the militia, those in the gun community who will be reliable to you when you have to face the other 90% of your precinct.

Here is the other side to that, so be ready: we intend to restore the entire Constitution, which is to say that all of those little caveats that let cops violate the other amendments to the United States Constitution have to go along with all laws associated with restricting gun use. I know that sounds radical, but hear me out.
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Especially if you're in law enforcement or know somebody who is.

The lines have been drawn and sides are being chosen.

Repugno dominatus!

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