Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video: Police Shoot Dogs Dead Outside School

Just killing more dogs. Probably the only chance they've had to shoot their gun.

Police have been caught on film repeatedly shooting two dogs just yards from a school as they tried to break up a fight between the animals.

An officer in Chester, Pennsylvania, fired five shots in succession. Another officer then followed and fired a single bullet.

It is believed the fight broke out after a stray dog found its way into a pick up truck and began to fight with a dog inside.
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  1. They should have called in animal control, but instead endangered every living being in that area. If one dog was at fault, the other should not have been penalized. It was heartbreaking to hear those dogs cry. The stray was a product of human carelessness, and probably has had to fight for everything. And what if students would have been around that school? I think a full investigation needs to be conducted, and the "cop" that fired the gun, should be fired and charged with animal cruelty and endangerment!