Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colorado Commies Approve Bill Limiting Mags to 15 Rounds

The vote on the high-capacity magazine came after Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted to amend a bill that would ban high-capacity ammunition magazines of more than 10-rounds to increase that limit to 15 rounds.
So reducing the standard magazine capacity by 50% should make us grateful that it wasn't reduced by 66%?
State Rep. Mike McLachlan, D-Durango, who sits on the committee, said he will offer the amendment and says that number allows citizens to protect themselves.

"Fifteen is a reasonable number and this is what I'm going to ask in my amendment," McLachlan said.
 Who are you to determine how much ammunition is a 'reasonable number'? Criminals and persons intent on killing you are not reasonable. It might take 16 rounds to put down multiple assailants or 30 rounds! Where do you get off pulling that number arbitrarily out of your collective ass and calling it 'reasonable'?
In its current form, a person who already owns a magazine that could hold more than 10 rounds or five shells when the bill becomes effective July 1 could still legally own it but would have to maintain continuous possession of it.
And how will they determine that a person just didn't drive over to Wyoming and buy a bunch of 30 round Pmags after July 1st? How are they going to verify you owned it before then?


When it goes up for vote, with a Democratic majority in both houses, it doesn't look good.

Read the crap here.


  1. I moved out of Colorado because of those Commie bastards and I can see it is only getting worse. My sympathy,
    33 P

  2. "Because 'fuck you'" is looking more and more like a permanent default setting.

  3. Damned good thing I do not live in Colorado.


  4. The center can't hold. Colorado is overrun with commies.
    Target rich environment.

  5. Wow, Colorado is quickly catching up with Kalifornia! I hadn't checked your site in a couple of days and when I stopped by today and saw that you had posted a whole litany of stuff that would give gun controllers a wet dream I was bummed out for you. I'm facing my own barrage of BS here in Commiefornia but hate to see others subjected to the same stuff. Sorry so many of the Commies left my state to go ruin yours.

    I just keep praying that things will hold firm for three more years so I can finally get out of this collectivist's paradise.

  6. These commies won't stop until they, either, have made you a criminal or have abolished the 2nd amendment. Americans are in deep, deep trouble.