Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colorado Commies Approve Bill for Universal Background Gun Checks

Over the objections of hundreds of gun rights supporters who showed up to pack a Capitol hearing room, a Colorado House Committee on Tuesday passed a bill requiring background checks for private gun sales and transfers.

The hearing on House Bill 1229 marked the first clash Tuesday in an all-day battle over two gun-control bills, one on background checks the other on limiting high capacity magazines.

The first bill before the House Judiciary Committee, House Bill 1229, would require a background check for any transfer of a firearm except in certain instances such as those involving antique firearms or gifts between immediate family members. Critics of the bill say it is unenforceable without gun registration.
The committee passed the bill on a 7-4, party line vote.

Read the rest of this crap here.
No surprise.

I guess they didn't take my communications seriously, nor the concerns of those who testified against it.

If anyone is willing to sell me a gun at some point in a face-to-face private transaction, I intend to keep it a private transaction. 

Mum's the word and a big ol' finger to you Democraps who voted down the party line. The political kommissar would be pleased.

Stupid law does nothing to stop criminals, it only makes more with a legislative stroke of the pen. 

The magazine capacity debate is still going on at the time of this post. Anyone want to guess the outcome of this one?

When this goes up for vote, with a Democratic majority in both houses, it doesn't look good.


  1. The progressives here in Colorado have a death grip on the life blood of the state. Civil rights, constitutional law and common sense have fallen to an overly authoritative agenda.

    My wife and I came back (University of Denver alumni) to Colorado, from California in 1977 in order to escape the social rot and political decay strangling that state. Now, those same sociopolitical philosophies have migrated here to destroy this rocky mountain paradise.

    I'm getting too old to move again, so here's where I'll make my last stand if it comes to that.

    Nous Defions...

    1. I left Commiefornia and came to Colorado to escape from all that crap. Seems to be that it followed me. I am considering Texas or Wyoming to move to if it gets worse. Depends on where I can get a job I suppose.

      All I can say is that I will not comply with any commie laws that are passed. Period.

    2. The overwhelming majority of people in Colorado are commies. They've shit on every rock in Colorado and they are not all illegal Mexicans.

      Blood in the streets by summertime.

  2. This is crap, it just made criminals of me and my family. I say to hell with them. Non-compliance, I trust my friends and neighbors do they? By the way i listened to much of the "testimony" this morning and it is tripe. The worst form of populist demagoguery. Shame on you Colorado.

  3. Ironwill wrote: "If anyone is willing to sell me a gun at some point in a face-to-face private transaction, I intend to keep it a private transaction."

    Caution, my friend and make sure you know the pedigree of those whom you deal with. Wannabe "Serpicos" and some of the criminal element looking to score brownie points with cops will be trolling like two-bit hookers looking for suckers to entrap.

    Apparently, the modern Colorado politician is either too stupid to realize, or choose to ignore the fact, that criminals don't submit to background checks now and certainly won't with new laws.

    This isn't about gun control, it's about law abiding people control. Criminals could give a shit about a new law to break.

    1. Thanks for the concern. I would only deal with people I know and trust.