Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Colorado Wants To Hold 'Assault Weapon' Owners, Sellers, and Makers Liable

New flag of Commierado
Colorado Senate President John Morse unveiled the details of a new gun-control bill aimed squarely at those who own, sell or manufacture a class of weapons he says have “no public benefit” and “no business on our streets or in our forests”: military-style assault weapons.

The bill will hold gun sellers and manufacturers liable for damage caused by their weapons if they don’t conform to “the highest degree of care” in ensuring those weapons aren’t sold to future criminals. It makes owners of such weapons responsible for every shot fired outside the confines of a private residence.

“You fire this weapon, you own that bullet, whatever it does,” Morse said during a press conference announcing the details of the bill, which will be introduced in the state Senate on Wednesday.

The bill defines an “assault rifle” as any firearm other than a handgun, shotgun, bolt-action or lever-action rifle.

“These guns are four times as powerful as handguns,” he said. “That means they’re more effective at killing, they’re more efficient at killing, and they do a lot more collateral damage when they’re used.”

“There are people who believe they have the right to own these guns,” he continued, “but we need to be better at making sure that we’ve articulated clearly the responsibility that goes along with these guns.”

The bill exempts those who use an assault weapon to defend themselves or others inside a dwelling in response to a threat of physical force. Also excluded are police officers and military personnel acting within the scope of their duties.

Everyone else — from the shooter to the manufacturer — could be on the hook for civil damages.
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I'm too angry to write anything right now.


  1. Anonymous27/2/13 11:48

    Another dictator weighs in. He can go straight to hell.

  2. "The bill defines an “assault rifle” as any firearm other than a handgun, shotgun, bolt-action or lever-action rifle."

    You have GOT to be shitting me!!! So now my .22lr Marlin Model 60 is an "assault rifle" if I lived in CO. What friggin planet are these idiots from???

  3. As I understood it, with any firearm, you are legally liable for every round that fires if you damage people or property.

  4. Wasatchfront5_127/2/13 12:13

    Wow what has happened to my once glorious homeland. As a once proud son of Colorado I weep for my rocky mountain home. And am saddened that I will most likely never ever again return there.

  5. Another double standard. How come cops are almost never held liable for using these weapons in a wanton and callous nature that would send you or I to prison? Now they want to hold us to an even higher standard than before while cops will get another pass as usual.

  6. Anonymous27/2/13 12:48

    Don't leave! Defy! If you leave they win, we must make our stand now! they push we step back, at some point you must call their hand.

  7. The weapon and ammo buying frenzy of Dec/Jan gut checked Barry and his quisling whores and forced the disarmament bravado into the press conference of 23 EO's.
    Without question, Barry has given his state and local criminal lackeys their marching orders: Attack and accomplish at the state level what we were checked from doing immediately at the federal.
    Currently, it seems as if many in the Patriot community fail to see this for what it is; orders coming straight from the white house.

  8. Anonymous27/2/13 13:50

    We march ever closer to civil war.


  9. Colorado Republicans bristle as White House meddles in state’s gun control debate

    Republican lawmakers in Colorado say they want the White House to stay out of their state battle over gun control, accusing Vice President Biden of personally leaning on Democratic legislators for their votes in a tight campaign that could change the national conversation on gun rights.

  10. Anonymous27/2/13 14:13

    WE are hearing this all across the states. Colorado Citizens why like NY do you keep letting this mess continue? You are the front lines!

    1. Anonymous27/2/13 14:29

      Working on it; the Johnny-come-Lately SFCs (Stupid F***ing Californians) don't make it easy.

    2. Anonymous27/2/13 15:21

      Yeah. And if Texas (Perry) doesn't quit trying to recruit California morons to Texas, they'll have the same problem in 10yrs.

    3. Anonymous27/2/13 18:05

      Maybe they'll be some of the one million Californians that haven't complied with the so-called "assault rifle" ban out here.

      Would you take them then?

    4. Anonymous28/2/13 15:38

      Reporting for duty from Long Beach, Sir.

  11. Anonymous27/2/13 14:26

    Then, let us uncover the current "problem's" favorite spots and when one could *solve* the "problem" when necessary.

  12. Anonymous27/2/13 14:28

    I'm from CT, and both Eric Holder and Joe Biden have gotten personally involved here, on just about every level:

    1) Local. Holder met personally with Newtown first responders in a closed-door meeting, days after the attack. The local coroner was suborned, and made to lie about what kind of gun caused the victim's wounds. He is resigning quietly in protest. Shame it's quietly, and not loudly, but who knows how they got to him.

    2) Local. Biden has been speaking here to local groups. People who don't agree with the administration's line are getting pushed off the speaking agenda at these "open forums".

    3) State/Executive: Holder has met privately with the Governor on at least one occasion that I am aware of.

    I've been assured by my local legislator that "the fix is in" here in CT. We're fighting it, but this is a hopelessly blue state and Obama seems to have made this a number-one priority. These are filthy, corrupt people we are fighting agains.

    1. Anonymous27/2/13 15:09

      Anon 14:28:

      Any publication-worthy confirmation of point #1?

      Not doubting you - just want something to go to press on.


  13. Anonymous27/2/13 14:48

    From my cold dead hands, will these liberal bastards get my guns. Bring it on obama bitch. And I live in liberal puke Madison, WI. nw

  14. Anonymous27/2/13 15:20

    United States v Miller 1939 and Bad Elk V United States 1900. Thats all I have to say to these mental midgets.



  15. Have these idiots never heard of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 7901-7903)? US v Miller?

    Backwoods Engineer's Blog

  16. Anonymous27/2/13 17:06

    Benjamin Franklin warned the people during the early years of The USA about the exact people who are behind all of this. The answer lies in the middle east in an illegal state/nation and those who own it. They are the same bunch who own the FED, and hide behind lies when affronted. Those people originally were from the Edomites (Idomaeans) and they migrated to northern Europe and th Slavic states. Some of them migrated to Iberia. They lived in Khazaria and according to the book of the Revelation 2;9 are fakes ... not who they claim to be. They are also the ones who murdered the last Czar of Russia. Do your homework.

  17. Anonymous27/2/13 18:57

    I'm sick of this. If ANY of you think this will be solved via the corrupt system of laws or via the corrupt Government courts you're tripping. Time to prepare and prepare HARD. The MINUTE they come at us, we remove every one of their corrupt officials. Top down. PERIOD. Enough fucking talk. You know what needs to be done and you know what's coming. OPSEC dictates anonymous posting. They'll know me soon enough.

  18. On my podcast I talk all the time about the most important conversation to have. That is with yourself in the mirror every morning. Look yourself square in the eye and say "...this is more important than my liberty, and I will remain on my knees to keep it..." Or Not. Right now, I think this is the most important thing we all can do. Is your house, your 401K, your life, your freedom, your wife / girlfriends life, your children, are they worth more than your liberty your freedom? I believe the other side has run the models and they believe we will take it. And if you will take it, shut up and take it. If not. Think on that. Think really hard, because once decisions are made, they cannot be unmade. There is a Twist in the Wind, and it is coming. Viva Cristo Rey.

  19. GreenTrees27/2/13 23:20

    One of the problems is that no one has shot yet. New York was the test case and A. Cumo was the test case. They passed it in New York and no one went to the wall. This emboldens the rest of the wolves. Despite the saber rattling of the gun owners, no one has dropped the hammer on these dirtballs so, like kids in a schoolyard, each is egging the other on. In Washington State, they tried to include "home Inspections" and they backed down big time when people started saying we needed another "Tom Wales" correction. (Tom Wales was past director of a fanatical gun control group here in Washington state that got blown away at his home). The only nut so far has been Dorner, a product of the Left.

  20. Anonymous28/2/13 06:38

    Taking away 2nd Amendment RIGHTS is disturbing. We've seen throughout history what that brings. FIGHT!

  21. Anonymous28/2/13 10:07

    The worst part of that quote from this politician is, "ensuring those weapons aren’t sold to future criminals."

    Future criminals!!!! Are you kidding me? Now they want us to be to be the division of pre-crime.