Thursday, February 28, 2013

Commierado Dem Pulls The Ol' Switcheroo

A reader sent me the following from the local town forum for Bailey and Conifer:

Last week, Senator Jeanne Nicholson gave her constituents another reason to despise politicians... Here's what happened:
    * Nicholson published plans for two town hall meetings in Evergreen on Saturday.
    * 2nd Amendment supporters (her constituents) made plans to attend those meetings.
    * On Friday, Nicholson leaked news that she would only hold one town hall in the Evergreen Library.
    * Many of you attended the town hall and reported that Nicholson appeared ignorant of the issues and claimed to be "undecided" saying little other than she wanted to hear from all her constituents before making a decision. Only 3 gun-ban supporters identified themselves at the meeting, but 100s of pro-2nd Amendment advocates showed up.
    * Secretly, Nicholson held a second Town Hall meeting in Evergreen and invited her closest supporters and reporters from the Canyon Courier.

That's right. Senator Nicholson lied to you about not having a position and then told her "friends" the truth in their secret meeting ON THE SAME DAY. Senator Nicholson can accuse "conspiracy theorists" of applying nefarious intent to innocent events, but it is not hard to publish dates, times, and locations of town hall meetings on your web site IF you want to hear from your constituents. Apparently, Senator Nicholson only wants to hear from some of her constituents.

We now believe that Senator Nicholson is planning another Town Hall meeting on Sunday, March 3rd at 1:30 pm at Conifer High School.

Conifer High School
10441 Highway 73
Aspen Park, CO 80433

Sunday, March 3rd 1:30 pm

Of course, this is not on her web site, but it is scheduled. Please plan to attend this meeting on Sunday, but watch your email in case she tries to pull another fast one. We'll let you know as soon as we hear she's up to her slimy tricks again.

Please call and email Senator Nicholson to tell her to support the 2nd Amendment. Please attend and speak at the Town Hall meeting on Sunday to have your voice heard!

Senator Nicholson is one of six Colorado Senators being targeted by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO). She's being targeted because her constituents don't like these bills, but she thinks she can sneak around and pretend to be undecided while telling the Canyon Courier and friends that they are "reasonable". Let her know she can't get away with it.

We swamped the meeting we knew about in Evergreen. Let's come out strong in Conifer!

Here's her contact information:

Jeanne Nicholson (D) SD 16 - 303-866-4873

Tell Senator Nicholson to vote NO on HB 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229!
  • HB-1224: Bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
  • HB-1226: Bans armed self-defense on college campuses; expanding criminal safe-zones to all state college and university campuses.
  • HB-1228: Imposes a Jim Crow-style gun tax on all purchases. This legislation has no limit on the amount the CBI could charge for a background check.
  • HB-1229: Bans the private sale of firearms and institutes universal background checks/gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

Just like the McLachan, she needs to burned with her feet to the fire.

Their mindset and way of thinking is this: "No consequences? No problem."

Give her and others like her a consequence.

Make it a problem.

Give them a reason NOT to vote against Constitutionally acknowledge God-given rights.

The fight always begins locally.



  1. Nicholson needs to be"targeted" alright.

  2. As a federally contracted fire fighting pilot, I will no longer fight fires in the state of commirado. Your state can burn for all I care.