Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day of Disruption - Horn Honking Protest for Monday at Denver Capitol

Local A.M. radio talk show host Michael Brown proposed a horn honking protest at the Colorado State Capitol for Monday March 4th at 9am. This is when the 4 Gun Control Bills are to be read by the Senate. The intent is to create such a disturbance, that business cannot be conducted and if they're semi-intelligent, will understand the message.

Michael Brown is taking a cue from the 2001 Tennessee protest that forced plans for a State income tax to be dropped.

If you're in the area, take an extra long lunch and drive around the Capitol as long as you can with your horn blaring. The protest is to be an all day event, for as long as the Senate is in session so you can join in later if needed.

If there are any truckers out there with those beautifully loud air horns, come on down and lay it on heavy.

You don't have to have a semi to get a loud horn. You can go buy some air horns at your local China-Mart and use those too.

Make it loud!

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