Monday, February 25, 2013

Denver Day of Resistance Write Up

Protesters from across the state of Colorado scaled the steps up to the capitol building in Denver, rallying against the proposed gun control measures legislators will be voting on later this year. It was called the Denver Day of Resistance.

An estimated 400 to 500 people made it to the rally, and passers-by showed their support by honking regularly as they drove past the crowd.

There was no counter-protest, there was no conflict with the police, just a few hundred people cheering, singing, praying and showing their support for gun rights. It was one “hallelujah” short of preaching to the choir, although there were plenty of “amens.”

The crowd was made up of a blend of Colorado residents of all races and had all of the hallmarks of a proper gun rights protest. There was the dude dressed as the American flag, a couple wearing Civil War-era outfits, vets in and out of uniform, but it was mostly regular people there with their families, with their boyfriends and girlfriends, and people showing up by themselves to show support.
Go here to read the rest and watch a short portion of the speech by Columbine survivor Evan Todd.

There are also many photos from the rally here.

Although the turnout was decent, I was  a little disappointed that more didn't show up.

I personally asked 2 of my gun buddies to go. One said he prefers writing his reps as his course of action and declined to go. The other didn't want to go because the Capitol was closed on Saturday's so he felt his presence wouldn't make a difference.

Damn it man! If you don't get out there to stand and be counted, you are part of the problem!



    Many photographs. It was a good attendance, and a good rally. An avalanche starts with a few small rocks rolling downhill...

  2. many gun owners in a five mile radius?
    500 show up? I wish it was 3%.

    The good news there were people at town halls...some with the same number as this rally.

    Wake up Colorado....your about to be murdered in your