Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fire Mission! - 5 Colorado Senators Undecided - Vote is Today

Okay, there may still be a chance to kill Colorado's 4 anti-gun bills but you got to do some work NOW!

This just in from the Facebook page of Shadow Ops Weaponry in Longmont, Colorado:

This just in from Regina Thomson-Run with this now and keep running it.

Five Senators Could Change Colorado's Future
Five Senators are Sitting on the Fence
Please Call and Email Them Now! We just received word from a very reliable source that there are five senators who could be convinced to vote no on the four insidious gun bills. PLEASE be polite; contact these senators with your best arguments. If you know people in these regions, please ask them to email, Facebook, Tweet, and call these folks as well.

The bills are in on the floor of the Senate today, February 20, 2013. The four bills are a gun-ban on college campuses (specifically conceal carry - 1226), a $10 tax on background checks (1228), outlawing of magazines over fifteen rounds (1224), and finally, but most dastardly, universal background checks (1229), or better know as gun registration.

The following are the five DEMOCRAT senators who could be convinced to vote against these bills:

Cheri Jahn (D) SD 20 (Wheat Ridge) - 303-866-4856

Andy Kerr (D) SD 22 (Lakewood) - 303-866-4859

Jeanne Nicholson (D) SD 16 (Golden - Gilpin) - 303-866-4873

Gail Schwartz (D) SD 5 (Snowmass Village!?!) - 303-866-4871

Lois Tochtrop (D) SD 24 (Thornton) - 303-866-4543
Please help convince these 5 Colorado Senators to vote against these treasonous bills.

Call, email, Twitter, Facebook, anything to get them to listen.

The fight isn't over yet.

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