Friday, February 15, 2013

From A Reader: An Open Letter To All...

This is a letter I received from a reader who gave permission to "publish and forward as you see fit."

An open letter to all elected and appointed members of the legislature, judicial and executive branches of government at the local, state and federal levels.

Recent actions on your part in the practice of governance have come to my attention which need to be immediately addressed, regarding the protection of our liberties, rights of due process and equal protection under the law. Several bills and measures have recently been passed, are up for a vote, and are under consideration by you which erode or attack the inalienable rights and liberties granted to us by our Creator and which have been enshrined and guaranteed by our state and federal constitutions. This includes, but is not limited to the practice of religious freedom, exercise of free speech, right to gun ownership, erosion of the definition of the family, protection of the pre-born, and expansion of powers not granted to you but reserved for the people, in direct violation of existing laws and guarantees within our constitutions.

You are reminded of the oath you swore in accepting the duties of your office to preserve, protect and defend these liberties, and reminded that the essential duty of governing requires you to do no harm to and uphold these principles as your highest order of business. We the people who by our vote either directly or indirectly placed you in these collective positions of power with God's providence and guidance, wish to serve you notice that we will no longer sit idly by and allow for further erosions and attacks on these liberties. You are to cease and desist in all of the above named actions which amount to violations of your oaths and duties, or you shall be prosecuted and removed from your positions of authority by all means civil, legal, prudent or effective, whether you voted for these acts, or they occurred under your watch and you did nothing to address them. We are serving notice to you that we will organize, gather our collective will, energies and treasures by all means possible, using all peaceable measures available, whether we are in the majority in our local jurisdictions or not, and pray that God not grant us rest or peace until these matters are justly addressed according to His will and in alignment with His eternal truths. May we all ask for His guidance, offer our repentance and act with obedience to His laws.

I ask you to choose this day whether you will serve in the cause of liberty and justice, and may God grant you the wisdom, common sense and strength to do so willingly, so that it may not be forced upon you by those you serve.


An American patriot and sovereign citizen

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