Friday, February 15, 2013

Magpul Press Release

HB1224, ammunition magazine capacity limit just passed the Colorado House on a voice vote Magpul just released this announcement:


Denver, Colorado – February 15th, 2013 - Magpul Industries, an Erie, Colorado, based manufacturer of firearms accessories, announced today that it will be forced to leave the state if House Bill 1224, which would ban standard capacity magazines, becomes law. The announcement was made to Governor Hickenlooper, state legislators, members of the media, and in a full-page advertisement to appear in the Denver Post on Sunday.

Richard Fitzpatrick, Founder, President, and CEO of Magpul Industries, said that regardless of any amendments that may be worked into the bill, he will no longer be able to continue to do business in Colorado if his core product is made illegal.

“Our company could not, in good conscience, continue to manufacture our products in a state where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from purchasing and owning them. ” Fitzpatrick said. “The passage of this bill will do nothing to enhance public safety, but will force us to immediately begin taking our business to another state.”

A proponent of the bill argued that with the amendment language, the choice to stay or leave was up to Magpul. Fitzpatrick responded, "Our relationship with our customers across the country would be severely damaged if this bill passes and we stay. We've already heard word of potential boycotts if that happens. They (legislators) really need to understand that our customer base is as passionate about freedoms as we are, and staying here if this bill passes would cripple the company. Make no doubt about it...we have no choice, and would be forced to leave in order to save the business."

Magpul cited the example of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, which was canceled earlier this year after the organizers announced that it would not permit a popular category of firearm, like the ones Magpul makes accessories for, in the show. Public outcry from the customer base forced exhibitors to withdraw from participation, causing the cancellation of the show, and an estimated loss of $70 million of show revenue for hotels, restaurants, merchants, and other businesses in Pennsylvania, where the show was to be held.

Magpul Industries directly employs 200 people, supports another 400 supply-chain jobs, and contributes over $85 million annually to Colorado’s economy. Doug Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Magpul, says that it is a difficult position to be in. "We could choose to stay in a state that wants our jobs and revenue, but not our products, and lose half the jobs we are fighting to save, or potentially the entire business, when our customers stop buying. Or, we can take the company and those 600 jobs out of Colorado to continue our growth and the growth of American manufacturing in a state that shares our values. This is not really a choice. It's an unfortunate and inevitable result of the actions of the Legislature if this bill passes."

Magpul was started over a decade ago by Fitzpatrick, a former U.S. Marine. It has become one of Colorado’s fastest growing businesses, successfully marketing its products to American and allied military forces, police departments, sporting goods stores, and thousands of responsible private citizens. Fitzpatrick says that the rich western culture and strong values of individual freedom and responsibility, traditionally found in Colorado, were one of the reasons the company chose to remain in the state.

“It is heartbreaking to me, my employees, and their families, to think that we will be forced to leave,” Fitzpatrick said. “But if HB13-1224 passes, we will simply have no choice.”
Looks like the State doesn't need revenue. I guess I'll start looking for somewhere else to move too. I didn't leave Commiefornia to live in Commierado.


  1. Hey man, I was born in Colorado and I am unhappy about this too. But you cant run forever. Personally I'm staying and resisting for as long as possible. Thanks for the blog all the same!

    1. Current situation might dictate me staying. If so, then I'll be resisting as well. Might get messy.

  2. Go Galt on them and remove your competence and productivity from their control.

    Why support a regime which is bent on oppression?

  3. Semper Fi, 032117:36

    Move to Wyoming, we need more mags!

  4. Hickory17:44

    Just moved from that Commie country and I'm not gonna even go back for vacation now...Fuck Hickenpooper!

  5. Anonymous18:57

    Right on Magpul -- wish more companies had your moral fortitude. Sig, S&W and Glock take note.

    Magpul -- Missouri would love to have you and all other right minded CO folks if your government does you wrong.

    1. You might want to rethink your offer after reading this:

    2. Anonymous20:16


  6. Anonymous19:14

    Anon @ 18:57 Missouri is looking at passing a gun ban. Banning damn near everything much like New York. Sorry for your luck. But we in Texas would welcome you and all others with open arms. Magpul and any other company looking to flee the commies.

  7. Anonymous19:22

    I will Give Magpul 60 acres of land in Wyo for a Job, Seriously!

    Semper Fi


    1. Maybe you could write it off on your taxes.

  8. Anonymous19:28

    The sad thing is....Colorado is making this move in the expectation that whatever revenue they lose from departing corporations / individuals, the print shop at the Treasury Department will make up in payoffs and Federal grants.
    Magpul is definitely doing the right thing, and they will keep my business (as soon as they ramp up production), but Colorado has already chosen sides.


    1. "Colorado has already chosen sides". Not. Let's try to keep this firmly in mind, esp. re Civil War II: there are no "Blue" states, only Blue CITIES. That's where the Reds - ethnic group entitlements, their Tribal masters, and DWLs - are concentrated. And, when consent can no longer be financed by debt, where they will be destroyed.

    2. Semper Fi, 032121:58

      I see the same for Idaho and Wyoming. Lots of liberal anti gun comments, but it's from the cities, the rural areas will still win this. I mean really, what can they do, throw tofu at us?

    3. Anonymous07:26

      No. They will just send someone else's sons and daughters to arrest and/or kill you. These creatures are not stupid. It will start with systematic lawfare and end with your family in a detention center and you in prison. What happens when your bank accounts are seized and you are denied medical attention because you have not turned in your firearms? Do not underestimate the depths these subhumans will go to have their utopia. You are simply in the way, Comrade. This way to the trains..........

    4. Anonymous15:09

      Maybe. But I don't think so. Alternatives will be established. You talk like "they" hold all the cards. "They" don't.

    5. Anonymous15:34

      To anon @ 07:26

      Found this comment on another blog.

      "If the police continue to act like the occupying army of a conquered nation, it won’t be too long before the people play their part as the resistance."

      Once folks realize what is going on things will take on a new perspective. Another post from yet another blog but both comments fit.

      "Remember, a 'gunfight' to the police is surprising a sleeping, generally unarmed 'perp.' Being surprised themselves by incoming is not what they signed up for."

    6. Anonymous16:58

      @ anon 15:09
      " they" DO hold all the cards but we hold ALL the balls and half the guns. You know what they say about bringing cards to a gun fight, right? All it takes is will.

  9. Anonymous21:52

    All of those Kalifornikans that fled to Colorado are doing a great job of screwing up yet another state.

  10. Anonymous22:03

    The Deep South is full of empty textile manufacturing plants.

    The Deep South is gun friendly, conservative Red State territory.

    The Deep South was right in 1861 & we're still right today. We'll try our best not to say "we told you so" too often... Come on down.

    1. Anonymous22:42

      I just might. I'm from Georgia but have lived in up-state NY for almost forty years. I'm attending an Oaths Keepers meeting tomorrow to see whats going on. I may start packing the truck Monday morning. Keep your powder dry boys.

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come to Tennessee!!! I would LOVE to work for MAGPUL.

  12. Come to Arizona. We have Jan Brewer, Constitutional Carry and a whole bunch of hard-working Patriots.

  13. Anonymous07:04

    Uh- uh. Come to Utah. Right next door, not far to move. Very very pro business, pro freedom & pro education state. Plus we have lots and lots of Mormons, well known for a good work ethic.

    B Woodman

  14. We would welcome y'all, with open arms, here in Idaho!

    We also are very pro business and pro freedom.


  15. Texas would gladky welcome them.

  16. Anonymous10:27

    Time for some reading. If you can afford a copy of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES by John Ross published 1996, get it if you can't afford the book (last I looked about $100 and up), there is a PDF version on the net (not an OFFICIALLY authorized because the feds don't like it)

  17. Anonymous11:53

    come to KY, we've got good reps, only our guv is a weenie.

  18. Anonymous20:57

    Fight fire with fire- release the technical drawings/blueprints of your standard capacity mags and manufacture press dies for consumers to make their own. It's not that I, personally, have anything against Magpul and want to see a loss of profit but after the business moves out of their current facility, I can see an un-Godly amount of red tape and bureaucracy hit when trying to purchase a new facility or even worse- an outcome similar to that of Noveske. Make no mistake- if there's a threat to the regimes progression, it'll be dealt with one way or another. They can't stop the production of the best standard cap. mags if EVERYONE is Magpul.

    - III

  19. Anonymous02:28

    Hey, Magpul come to Texas. We would be proud & honored to have you here!

  20. Anonymous00:58

    Come to Grant County, New Mexico where open carry is the norm! We'll be glad to make your fine products here. God knows this country sure as heck needs them now, more than ever!

    1. Anonymous01:00

      I'll be happy to work for such a fine American company!

  21. Where ever you finally move please make sure it's in free America for a change.
    Yank lll