Thursday, February 28, 2013

Patriots In Colorado Serve Recall Notice To Democratic State Rep

Recently there was a Town Hall meeting with Democrat State Rep. Mike McLachlan, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, and Republican State Sen. Ellen Robert.

Let's just say it didn't go too well for McLachlan.

A newly formed group called Colorado Accountability was there to hold his feet to the fire. They also served official papers informing him of a recall petition being filed against him.

Thanks to reader Mark who sent me this info in regards to the 4 anti-gun bills recently passed in the Colorado House.
The little socialist being served in the video personally promised many in this Town Hall hands off 2a.  He was the deciding committee vote that allowed this crap to the assembly floor.  He is also the most vulnerable democrat for a recall.

"... I’m trying to strike a balance between a constitutional right and public safety." - McLachlan
Has he never heard of the words by Benjamin Franklin?

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

“It’s very frustrating for me because I consider myself a centrist,” he said. “There’s such a great divide on this issue, and it’s so emotional that I don’t know we’ll ever be able to come to consensus.”
Well there's his problem! He's willing to compromise, to give up essential freedoms to appease everyone. In other words, he has no moral conviction.

He was even called 'traitor' during this meeting and he has no idea why.

The Durango Herald ran a story covering the recall efforts. You can read it here.

Raw video of the best part of the meeting can be found here. Again, thanks to reader Mark for providing the link.

This is what's needed. These politicians NEED to have their feet held to a HOT fire. If they're 'traitors', they need to be recalled NOW, not during the next election. As long as they continue to suffer no meaningful consequences, things will not change and our liberties will continue to be voted away, one bill at a time.

If you're in Colorado, check out Colorado Accountability. If you're not, get something similar started in your State and get these domestic enemies out.


  1. Here's my opinion. I'm sick of this. WE are the law. The PEOPLE have the power. We grant ALL Government VERY LIMITED Privileges to help our society function and protect us. However what we have today is the exact opposite. ENOUGH. Time to round up all of these criminals and put them all on trial via citizen grand juries..Do this on a local and state level. Then when we have our country back it will be a simple matter of taking the Fed Govt down to their Constituttionally mandated and lawful level. YES this will require balls and force of arms but WE THE PEOPLE have the rule of law on our side!!...I'm sorry but i'm not going to advocate for forceful and hopefully peaceful, physical rounding up and arrest of ALL representatives of the people operating outside of law. I know they have police minions and bodyguards who will resist. Well, if they are in the way of lawful justice than so be it. I'm sick of everyone pussy-footing around and waiting on the stacks to line up outside of our doors. WHY? What a shitty tactic and one that will spell losing...We are in the right and the Governments are in the wrong. Why should we not go get them, put them on trail and take our country back? Give me one good reason that we should not be assertive? That's a losers tactic and goes against everything I have ever been taught about warfare or fighting. We are in the Right here people. WE DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO "Do something to violate our rights" to move! They are Already doing so and operating almost entirely outside the bounds of law....

    1. NOW...Not "NOT"

  2. Thanks for this! Been too busy to follow on my own. Always a good feeling to know someone is paying close enough attention!