Friday, February 8, 2013

Women Shot During LAPD Ex-Cop Manhunt Had No Warning

Judge, Jury, Executioner
A mother and daughter who were mistakenly shot by Los Angeles police hunting for rampage suspect Christopher Dorner had no warning before bullets started whizzing through their newspaper-delivery truck, their lawyer said Friday.

No command, no instruction, no warning. They just opened fire on them,” said Glen Jonas, who is representing Emma Hernandez, 71, and Margie Carranza, 47, in possible legal action against the LAPD.
Rules and regulations go flying out the window. SOP must have changed? Better to kill innocents than actually do your job and VERIFY before pulling the trigger. After all, they'd make up some kaka-maney story and probably get away with it.
“They still have to give the guy an opportunity to surrender. You can’t just execute him,” the lawyer said. “It’s in these high-stress situations where you follow your training and they violated every piece of training they ever received."
Who's going to stop them? They operate with a Judge Dredd mentallity; judge, jury, and executioner.

Read the rest here. The victims are going after the money, rightfully so.

Imagine the chaos when the SHTF and people start taking justice into their own hands for payback of years of abuse.

It won't be pretty.

Read this article too. Is it clear yet?


  1. The sickest thing of all? They could not do this in a war zone. Their bullets also can not be hollow point in a war zone. In the USA? The Governemnt is buying up all the hollow points for use against American Citizens.

  2. Market Ticker, as always, has a very good article.

    Pay Attention America: The Fourth Reich Is Shooting People!


  3. What a bunch of chicken shit cops! This is no shocker though, these are the same type of people who will come to your house in the middle of the night with overwhelming numbers and fire power and shoot your dog and terrorize your wife and destroy your home, oops wrong house? Tough shit.

  4. Here is a creepy thing. In October of 2011 I had a dream. The first part of the dream showed my choice to be a fighter pilot and test pilot, etc. Then the second part had two Asian women, mother and daugther, were helpless while bullets where whizzing all around them, then they got shot, then there was civil war. This was the second part of my life. May God be with all of us who love Him.

  5. Damn fine police work! Damn fine! What "professionalism"! I can almost hear the citations now........."for exemplary courage on the line of duty, above and beyond blah blah blah ad nauseum.....

  6. They won't be the last ones this happens to, with the way this is going, is my guess. Off topic, stallone's face looks like grumpy cat, hope the cat won't be insulted.

  7. Mt Top Patriot2/10/2013 1:49 PM

    I can see 50 bullet holes in the back of the Tacoma pictured in the article linked. How many rounds missed entirely? 6 cops opened fire. On a sitting target. Fortunately only 2 rounds hit 2 women sitting in their vehicle.

    I been shooting moving or flying grouse, deer, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and the like my entire life, and I rarely ever have had to fire more than twice to kill what I was shooting at. My Grandpa would give me 2 rounds, and look at me sideways, he'd say "son, you better come back with 2 grouse, or 2 shells." I only got 1 round for deer. God help you if you missed.

    If this is stereotypical of the state of ability of the Praetorian guard , even with the billions of rounds DHS is stock piling, it isn't going to have enough ammo to re-supply these these military banana republics if this stupidity keeps up. I reckon most cops are going to have their arses handed to them if the law abiding citizen decides they have had enough of this police state tyranny. What are these worthies going to do if real world hard ass unconventional warfare begins?
    It will be a one sided bloodbath until they get their act together. If enough of them survive and or continue to serve.
    How are the elites going to enforce their diktat and edicts when the police state apparatchiks they have spent billions of tax dollars arming and equipping to surround themselves with to usurp power over the people essentially folds?

    What is dictators like bloomberg and emanual going to do? Call in the UN, or let loose the gangs the feds have been arming. Maybe they can have Holder call in markers from Fast and Furious and the New Black Panther Party? I'm sure those 7000 "personal defense weapons" nappy the clown over at the DHS ordered up will come in mighty handy equipping king putt's civilian defense forces to keep Sarah Palin, the bitter clingers, and white domestic terrorist tea party at bay.

  8. Im speculating here of thinking those .40 s twacked out on body panels, glass, car seats, ect....still, ladies are very fortunate ...