Friday, March 8, 2013

CALL TO ACTION: Day of Resistance - Denver

Colorado Gun Owners sends:
Day of Resistance - Denver

CALL TO ACTION: These three senators will decide the fate of the worst gun control measures in CO history TOMORROW. PLEASE call them, email them, message them on Facebook, and write on their FB walls TODAY. Be polite, precise, and to the point... If you already did it, even yesterday, do it again. TODAY is our last chance to make sure our voices are heard by these senators!

Senator Angela Giron - 303-866-4878

Senator Linda Newell - 303-866-4846

Senator Andy Kerr – 303-866-4859

Will they vote for tyranny or for freedom.

Persuade them.

This is the last day to do it.

Help us out, unite, and take action!


  1. Done.

    Interesting that the two ladies allow open comments on their Facebook pages...yet Andy does not.

    Had to email his Seante address.

  2. In a rare moment of complete honesty, Colorado Representative Claire Levy (D-Boulder) and sponsor of one of the many gun control bills making their way through the Colorado legislature, admitted that her bill may not actually reduce violent crime:

    “I make no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce violent crime, that is not the premise of the bill.”

    I guess that makes the need for her bill as clear as mud...

    With short video of her comments:

  3. Well then there is only one "premise" of the disarm free Americans, and put their throats under the boot of the government...and to disallow the most sacred of protect yourself, your family, and your property. All while the "elites" have free protection paid for by you and me via our taxes. Insane. Vote em out!

  4. At this point, what does it matter (where have I heard that?).
    If/when this bill passes into law (which it most likely will), all you can do is civil disobedience. DO.NOT.OBEY.THE.NEW.GUN.GRABBING.LAWS.

    B Woodman

  5. Speaking of tyranny and the defeat thereof, here is a bit of helpful info:

    The best way to stop and MRAP vehicle is to make it drive real slow for a long time. That will foul up the DPF (diesel particulate filter) a piece of EPA mandated environmental garbage. A clogged DPF can cause a check engine light and regen light to go off. If the vehicle does not go into regen mode at highway speed, or brought to dead stop to go into regen mode. The computer will derate the engine (engine power loss) and shut the engine down to be towed to a repair shop. Another big flaw is with EGR valve (exhaust gas relay) same EPA mandated garbage. EGR valves are failing all the time and its the biggest warranty recall stuff we have.

    The Maxforce engine in the MRAP platform is the worst diesel on the market. Poorly designed low cost diesel that's prone to drop valves and have other failures.

    One last thing that's kinda amusing. The A/C system is prone to failures on the Navistar International trucks. In other words, its gonna get kinda hot for the gestapo in black body armor in the MRAP.

    If all 2,700 MRAP's are used at the same time for gun confiscation and to round up people for FEMA camps, I can almost guarantee that half of them will be broke down or in repair shop somewhere waiting to be hooked up to a computer and parts to be ordered to be fixed (this usually takes weeks)

    All David's gotta do is walk and let Goliath follow. Goliath will choke on his own exhaust and come to a dead halt in the middle of the road.