Thursday, March 7, 2013

Colorado Anti-Gun Legislature's Criminal Record Exposed

They say politicians are crooks and in this case, literally.
According to a Colorado Bureau of Investigations report obtained by Media Trackers, State Representative Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) was arrested in 1976 on a charge of larceny and again in 1991 on a charge of shoplifting. Despite her own criminal record, Rep. Fields has sought to limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.
Read it all here.

I need to put the keyboard down before it spontaneously breaks.


  1. Arrest means nothing. A cop can arrest anyone for anything. The comments do point to a bad check conviction to which she pled guilty. I've written checks that bounced (none in the last couple decades), so have lots of people. Even have a shoplifting conviction at 18 years old ... and a lot of things done right since then like an honorable discharge.
    She may be a bad person but arrest is not evidence of that.

  2. Well, if ad hominem is the order of the day, I suppose all you NRA supporters can thank God for Frank Sain--your patriotic defender of the (apparenlty) constitutional right to own an AR-15 with a 100-round clip. Mr. Sain was so brave as to anonymously write the following to Ms. Fields: “There will be blood! I’m coming for you, n—– b—–.” Why would he do this? Because he disagrees with her on where the lines should be drawn on gun regulation. Reality check: We live in a representative democracy where people must disagree and learn to live with compromise. If your decision is, instead, to kill, threaten to kill, and fan the flames of fear to encourage others to kill those you disagree with, you will rightly be imprisoned, so that other members of society will be protected from you.

  3. You've got a nice crop of trolls living under your bridge, RitR! Keep up the good work, they wouldn't have been dispatched here if your misbehavior wasn't working to good effect.

    Listen to them be Reasonable. Oh, the handwringing and the tut-tutting from the moral high ground.

    Soon we'll play on a level field. A real man's game, violent, unhesitating, all marbles in, not like those fantasy football leagues you enjoy with your FeMen buddies, trolls. Any day now.

  4. check you email.

  5. I gotta hand it to you Anonymous types, you have all the answers, and none of the solutions. Even black and white typed print is racist? I guarantee Colorado will resist this tyranny.

  6. By the way, we that resist this BS are not protecting our rights alone, we are striving to protect yours as well. In the words of Homer Simpson " Dont like it? then move to Russia!"