Saturday, March 9, 2013

Commierado Anti-Gun BillsUpdate

Yesterday was an all day session for the 2nd reading of the anti-gun bills.

Some good news and some not so good news.

First the good.

Conceal-carry on campus ban killed by sponsor

Senate leader kills his gun liability bill

Now the not so good news.

Senate gives nod to magazine ammo limit after six hour debate

Bill that bans online concealed carry certification advances in Senate

Ban on guns for domestic abusers gets first OK

Background check fee wins initial Senate approval

Keep in mind these bills that passed 2nd reading and will have a 3rd and final recorded vote early next week (probably Monday). There is still time to continue contacting the 6 senators listed below:

Senator Angela Giron -SD03- (303)866-4878

Senator Jeanne Nicholson -SD16- (303)866-4873

Senator Cheri Jahn -SD20- (303)866-4856

Senator Nancy Todd -SD28- (303)866-3432

Senator Andy Kerr -SD22- (303)866-4859

Senator Linda Newell -SD26- (303)866-4846

Senator Gail Schwartz - SD05- (303)866-4871

There are a few Democrats that are wavering and undecided. We just need 3 to vote NO on each bill to kill them.

Keep at it -- don't give up.

Dudley Brown of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners gives a brief rundown.


  1. So what's the plan when they pass?

    1. ...Retribution? *blink*

    2. We'll see. Sure sounds like a shot across the bow to me. Where is that illusive line in the sand anyways.