Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Commierado Gov. Counting E-mails For or Against Anti-Gun Bills

From Magpul:
The Governor's office is still tallying emails for and against the gun bills that have been passed, in order to inform Governor Hickenlooper of public opinion on whether they should be signed into law or not. Let him know that they should not!

Use the contact form at to register your disagreement with HB1224 and the other gun bills. Please keep your message brief, polite, and to the point that you oppose HB1224 and all other anti-gun legislation, and urge the governor to VETO these bills.
Either he's doing this for show and will sign them anyway, or he really is concerned about what Colorado residents think, and is using this to CYA.

Go ahead and tell him NOT to sign.

Can't hurt.

We're ready either way.


  1. Thanks.
    Like you say, cant hurt.
    one last polite warning from a peasant.

  2. Done.
    I have started two small businesses in Colorado while working for a franchise company. I will not go back to CO if this ban passes. It is just too easy to be arrested for unknowingly violating a vague law.