Monday, March 11, 2013

Commierado Senate Passes All 5 Anti-Gun Bills - Update

I don't need to summarize. You can read it here.

Well, we tried to tell them.

We wrote letters. We made phone calls. We sent e-mails. We packed their Town Hall meetings. We testified in the House and Senate meetings. We honked our horns in disapproval.

And they, as expected, ignored us.

It was all for nothing, some may say.

I disagree.

They've been warned. Now they have no excuse when the blow back hits them. We tried to work within the system and they rigged it against us.

In the end, it does not matter what they decide.

We will not comply.

We will not submit to background checks for private party transactions.

We will continue to purchase standard capacity magazines and bring them in State.

We will not turn our guns in...court order on not.

We will not acknowledge unjust and treasonous laws.

We will not be subjugated.

It's going to get real.

Decide what you will do now.

You should have an answer already.

UPDATE: In my haste to post this, I neglected to consider that one of the bills will have to go back to the House for a re-vote, since it was amended in the Senate. This bill can still be killed. Doesn't mean it will, but we must try. Regardless of the outcome on this bill, we won't comply with the other bills.

The bill is HB 1224 - The magazine capacity bill. It passed the Senate by 1 single vote. 2 Democrats voted against it. Senators Tochtrop (D) & Jahn (D) were the only ones to listen to reason.

The Reps you need to contact to kill this bill in the House are:
(h/t to RMGO for the info)


  1. Mr. Flashpoint, meet Mr. Match.

  2. Unfortunately, I never doubted their collective stupidity once during all of this. Nor do I have any reservations about the stupidity of Hickenlooper in signing off on these travesties of liberty now that he has dropped his facade of being fair and objective, revealing that he is nothing more than a puppet of the national progressive puppet masters and big progressive money from the likes of Bloomberg. He is blinded to everything except the visions of a cabinet level appointment dancing in his dreams.

    The absolute and universal law of Unintended Consequences has been initiated -- for every action there is a reaction.

    Nous Defions

  3. What's the status of the sheriff that was going to arrest these treasonous bastards (and bastareds)?

    1. Dunno. Haven't heard anything but that doesn't mean nothing. Cross your fingers.

    2. And I thought I here in NY would be the one of the First dead suckers.

      Well I have enough to outfit a Platoon.
      If you need me or I ask for in return is that Damned Titan II missle Base and a nice log cabin.
      If I survive of Course.

      Other wise just bury me with my Katana keep the rest.
      But you have to come and get me

  4. Standing by deep behind the lines waiting for the whistle!

  5. Lets see the list of the OATH BREAKERS that voted for this UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRASH!

  6. Beware undercover police urging people to buy or sell a private gun without the background check. Most people do not understand the legal standard for entrapment, just remember, the law has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with logic.

    1. Conduct private transactions only with people you know and trust.

  7. It has come home to you. That sucks. Choose wisely and good luck. Stop, think and be as safe as you can. I hope the best for you and those that you love. I have been reading your blog for a while. You seem like a decent man concerned for freedom and liberty; A patriot. In the end, don't give up the fight, no matter what venue you may choose to pursue it with. Respectfully, Jay

  8. Coloradoans - what has become of you. You were a state full of "mountain men", of men and women who were reliant on yourselves, spitting on the feds. Now you're a state of...poofters.

    Went skiing last year in Colorado. Spent a day walking around Denver and I've never seen so many homeless pot smoking, dreadlock wearing beggars. I was hit on for loose change more in Denver than I ever was in Detroit (yes I used to live near Mayor Kwame's city, I know what I'm talking about).

    Colorado, good Lord what has become of you...

    1. probably scumbag transplants from CA and NY lib states.

  9. Who despises a vile person
    but honors those who fear the Lord;
    Who keeps an OATH even when it hurts,
    and does not change their mind;
    Psalms 15:4

    Let those who have broken their oath to the Constitution and
    sacred office reap the same as they have sown.

  10. Damn, just DAMN! I'm feelin you from New Mexico. Resist.

  11. My tribe is lighting the fires and painting our horses blue. Just like Satans Steed out at DIA airport. All of these pieces of dogshit with legs relocated here in Colorado from back east or Caliphonyia. They will soon have a sense of longing for thier old confines, when the shit hits the rotary oscillator,in the very near future. They wiill find that the real Colorado is nothing like the urban shitpots that they reside in. All we asked was to be left alone and these pompous asshats coudn't do that. So... we all become criminals. Soon I will live up to that billing.


  13. The Govt. Means to start a Civil War. One way or another, whether here in CO or elsewhere it's going to happen. When it's Govt against people, you have tyranny and it's really a revolution and in our case, it shall be a restoration. God help us.

    1. The govt started the Civil war During the Clinton ERA., you folks have not been really paying attention.
      Remember Clinton was in Russia during the Vietnam war I believe.
      Kerry was at the Peace Accords. Both Traitors now policies coming to fruition.

  14. How many of these traitors are there in CO? How many gun owners are there with scopes? Seems like an easy conclusion to me.

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Thomas Jefferson

  15. Talk is cheap. We'll be checking Drudge for the news in three weeks.

  16. The time for talk is long since passed. All talking does is give the
    enemy more time. Those who have usurped power believe that since they
    are now in power they can stay there by hook or by crook. They encourage
    society to "work within the system" as they have corrupted and destroyed
    that system so that they now control it. Want the evil out of power?
    Remove ANY means required. And since they have no intentions
    of stepping down it doesn't require a genius to figure out what those means must be. War is upon us...blood has already been spilled by those
    who intend to rule....much more blood will be spilled. If citizens do
    nothing but talk and "work within the system" the only blood that will be
    shed is the blood of citizens...not tyrants.

  17. From Diane Bitsch-Mush's website"
    "Before I explain my votes on these 4 bills, let me speak to our rights under the full Bill of Rights and especially the Second Amendment. Both the U.S. Constitution and the Colorado Constitution establish the right to bear arms in defense of home and country against crime and tyranny. These bills do not infringe on this right. These bills do not prevent people who now can legally purchase and possess firearms under current law from bearing arms. These bills do not establish a registry.

    I believe in the Second Amendment and in all of our rights. I also recognize that all of our rights have had constitutional limits placed on them, from the First Amendment through the 10th and the 14th. I believe that a vote for closing the background check loophole is a vote that does uphold the Second Amendment. As Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out in the Heller v. DC decision, “Like most rights, the Second Amendment is not unlimited.”

    That's clear enough.
    Hang her for treason.

  18. Talk is cheap folks - unless you are willing to back up your voice with violence, then your voice is utterly meaningless. That is the lesson we are to take from all that has happened.

    The Tea-Party rallies were decent, clean, respectable. They were ignored. Ridiculed. Marginalized.

    Why was that?

    Because, the powers that be knew the Tea-Party people will not kill them or their loved ones.

    The Muslims, by contrast, engage in violent uprisings and rampages over the slightest provocation - and the Government and their goons piss themselves with terror at the thought of offending them in the slightest.

    Why is this?

    Because the Muslims are dangerous, and when you poke them, they kill you, your kids, your friends, and blow up buildings. So the political class and their loyal media dogs shits themselves at the thought of crossing them.

    The lesson to take away from this, is that you, as a people, will be utterly and thoroughly ignored unless you are willing to back up your beliefs with violence.

    If you are not a "threat" to THEM, then the political class will run you over, again and again, knowing full well that as the day closes, you'll roll over and play serf.

    Violence is not "Evil" or "Good." It is a tool - nothing more. A tool to be used when other avenues have proven fruitless.

    So ask yourselves - will you simply vent your steam on an message board, and do nothing? Will you try to work within the confines of a rigged system designed to destroy your beliefs?

    Or will you draw upon the tools God has provided you to make these insulated fools who would crown themselves your masters FEAR you as they properly should.

    They fear the population of the inner city - because they will riot.

    They fear the black-block anarchists because they tear apart entire cities.

    They fear the Muslims because they will kill and destroy at the slightest provocation.

    They do not fear you patriotic Americans. You are "respectable, law abiding citizens" after all, and they are free to stomp on your beliefs until those cherished institutions are are nothing but dust.

    I will say again - your voice is meaningless unless you are willing to back it up with violence. Angry fist-pounding and threats means nothing.

    Search deep in your souls. Decide now. Will you accept the chains? Will you bluster and pound your fist? Or will you reach deep down into that tool-bag, and give your voice meaning?

    Words are easy to ignore.
    Actions, get attention.

    Make them fear you, or lick their boots, while raging impotently at the internet.

    1. It is not violence but Force simply Physics applied in an opposing manner.
      Remember the Difference.

      Violence is done by EVIL people for no logical reason.

      Force is applied to logically to produce a desired result and increase efficiency in whatever we do.

  19. I am going to make a very bold prediction of what will happen with the pasage of these bills. Nothing. Abso-freaking-lutely nothing.As a native of Colorado I read all of your words about "oooh they better watch out" yada, yada, yada. I have heard this from our community for the better of my 40+ years. Why do these politicians pass these bills? Because they know that we are just a bunch of blowhards with idle threats. I am not going to do anything about this and neither are you. So please stop with all of the angry banter. We are done for and neither you nor I are going to do anything about it. We are not our nations founders. We are cowards. You know it and I know it. Face it.

    1. I'm afraid you are right. I don't know the precise reason for it, but I suspect it has something to do with the progressively different sort of immigrant coming here. In colonial times we were a frontier, a wilderness. Immigrants were tough and self-sufficient because they had to be, and most importantly they wanted to be. Once the country was "tamed" it attracted immigrants less interested in ideological freedom and more interested in material wealth. These successive generations of effete creatures of comfort have resulted in a citizen that dares not bleat in protest, even as it witnesses the citizens ahead of it being slaughtered in the abattoir.

      Your prediction is pretty easy to prove: we would have already revolted if we weren't a bunch of cowards. What's different about today vs. yesterday vs. last year vs. last century? Nothing. And it will continue just so until we are stripped even of air rifles.

    2. Obama Cyber Warriors I presume?

    3. Why, did it piss you off to read what we wrote? It should -- it pissed me off to write it. I'm no Obama sock puppet. I am angry that all we seem to have is bluster and bravado, while otherwise impotent.

  20. Yes. I'm waiting to see a badass do something about this. A small squad of men could EASILY take out all of these traitorous windbags. If I see that happen then I will know we have a chance. Michael Collins would kill them but he was a REAL revolutionary. I'm not so sure there are any among us. Sure, we'll defend ourselves or go down fighting the stack at 0 dark 30 but we won't operation an a strategic level to any degree and therefore we will not win. May as well kill ourselves now if we're not going to try to win this thing. It's a REAL war and there are targets. You're a target. Will you sit back and wait to be killed? Probably.

  21. Wasatchfront5_13/13/2013 8:10 PM

    I wrote what I wrote because I have seen the writing on the wall. Dont get me wrong, I am about as angry as I can get. Unfortunately I have heard and read so much rhetoric about "not another inch" and "how many Coloradans have scoped rifle" tough talk. I realize that as long as there is no direct and immediate threat on our doorsteps we will all go back to watching our NFL or whatever garbage is on television or Netflix. As far as I am concerned, which I realize doesnt mean much anymore, the only true patriot and freedom lover left in Colorado and maybe America is on Ann Barnhardt. That includes myself.