Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Felony Committed? Mark Kelly Lies on Form 4473

*GASP!* Gabby Giffords with an AK47 and a high capacity magazine
Yes, Gabby Giffords is as much as a hypocrite as her ass-tronaut husband, Mark Kelly.

But this post isn't about her.

An interesting question has been raised over Kelly's recent AR15 purchase the day after testifying in Commierado in favor of the anti-gun bills.

After being outed on his purchase, he stated he bought it to turn it in to the police. Uh-huh. Sure.

Well, if this was his actual intent, and it is, now that he made that statement public, he well may have committed a felony.

Will Eric Holder tenaciously go after Kelly for lying on his form 4473?

Did they go after David Gregory when he broke the law with his 30 round magazine on national TV?

I didn't think so.



  1. Pudding makes me happy!!!


    (typed by her physical therapist)

  2. MORE IMPORTANT---If I were the FFL Dealer---I would refuse to complete the sales as Kelly has announced several times that he intends to cross state lines and resell the firearms---and never had any intention of keeping the firearms for himself. As a note---I have seen a FFL refuse to sell a pistol to a man buying it for his wife as a birthday gift, once the man told the FFL dealer.

  3. I am so SICK of seeing this womans face. I am sorry about what happened to her, any normal human being is, but the commie dems have used her from day one. I live in Arizona, and the woman was still in the ICU, not even sure if she was even going to survive, and the commies here were already putting her name out there to run for John Kyles senate seat. The commie dems had their victim. Can't vote against a victim or that makes you a sexist,racist, puppy kicking redneck conservative. I wish these phonies would just GO AWAY!

  4. I knew Gabby pretty well, she was a good friend of the 2A. Her husband is just pimping her now for his own ends. Unfortunately she is just a few steps above a functional retard and has no clue what is going on. What he is doing makes me sick! Kelley should go to prison for abuse of a mentally handicapped person. Period!