Thursday, March 14, 2013

Got Squad?

Excerpt from TL Davis:
They have gone too far.

Those entrusted with the finances of this great nation have squandered it and bankrupted the treasury. Those entrusted with the rights of the people have violated them. Those entrusted with the security of the state have forsaken it.

They are traitors.
The proof of this fact lies with the states themselves, many of whom have rejected violations of the Second Amendment with declarative statements, recognizing the violations of the Constitution being proposed elsewhere. Individual sheriffs have openly disavowed these laws and have sworn to ignore them.

It is logical to me that when faced with overwhelming odds by militarized police forces; with means of infiltration and observation never before encountered by a free people, there is only one means of resistance: the development of squads. (emphasis mine)

This is sheer tactical hypothesis, mind you.
Got Squad?

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  2. That is not the only place you need squad. If you get the 3 A.M. kick on the door, a little help from the outside is crucial.Everyone will be outside of their newly acquired MRAPs facing the perceived threat (Until they catch on) in one direction. The only out is outside intervention.

  3. Rang the gongs at 250, 400, & 600yds today at my range. Packaged another 100lbs of rice, beans & seasoning for long term storage. Taught my 5 year old how to skin the squirrel I shot raiding my bird feeder. Had a good prayer visit with our Creator.

    It was a good day. Semper Fi

  4. YES , they are traitors of the worst sort. Killing our Young while lining their pockets and pissing down our back and telling us it's the Fountain of Youth.

    I hope we execute them all.
    One at a TIME!

    Colorado Sheriffs say they won't enforce new gun laws.