Monday, March 11, 2013

He Wants to Cleanse Society of Gun Owners

Didn't Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, the Khmer Rouge, etc. attempt to cleanse their society of those who disagreed with them?

Looks like he's going to get 'cleansed' from his political seat first.

Admits to dismissing gun owners concerns regarding the 2nd Amendment:

Petty little tyrant.

Phone: 303-866-6364


  1. RITR:

    Can you or someone in CO get together a list of all who voted for this BS, along with contact info?



    1. Sure, give me a couple hours.

    2. May I suggest that you set up and publish a dedicated email address so that people can contact you? You can easily filter out the crap and receive some info and links that may fit into your postings. Just a friendly suggestion, nothing more, nothing less...

    3. Done. Top right column. Thanks.

    4. Why bother when they control the voting and you have no idea how much is fraud anymore.
      Fuck them all.

  2. Why aren't we "cleansing" him and his ilk, yet? :-?

    1. Pre-positioning assets, listening/targeting stage. Get coffee, range likely targets, improve position, insert hearing protection. Plenty of time during multi-gen 4GW to "cleanse", but you must be able to sustain self/tribe.

    2. Not Chas, but I have to agree with his sentiments: Why is this waste of excrement still sucking up valuable resources?

      It's actually because "we" have been too polite.

      We need to change the rules of engagement; they will come for us, they've done so in California (, are trying in NY.

      They have claimed the "moral high ground." the only option is to make them so angry they enact their true agenda. Fear and anger are paired: Make them scramble, engage on our schedule, engage pre-emptively, GIVE THEM THE REASON THEY WANT, so they reveal themselves fully.

      If I could think of a way to turn the tide more morally, I'd offer it, but they've defined the debate for so long, they've infected our children, indoctrinated them, in fact. We need to correct that. YESTERDAY, not tomorrow. Easiest way is going to be en masse saying, "enough is enough, we see the writing on the walls, and we're not going to take it any more." Fred doesn't need to know John doesn't need to know Cindy, they just all need to ACT independently. One knows explosives, two can shoot. Whoever gets the target first, wins, but ALL THREE get to cross off the target, so who cares HOW?

      Put another way:
      THEY control the ballot box (At least 2012, likely 2008, likely 2004, maybe farther back than that.) And that's assuming they're only tampering with the counts, not stuffing the box, outright voter fraud, literally stealing the election.
      Their puppets control the law apparatus: Cops, judges, lawyers, elected and bureaucratic officials. Footsoldiers and enforcers all - by intent now. (Examples are on youtube and copblock .org - no space.)
      We have only numbers, and then only by a slim margin: ~3% of the population, MAYBE. But a few good shooters and a few demolitions types and a few electronic warfare types can make a VERY LARGE, VERY PAINFUL dent, VERY FAST, especially if they all invest a little here, a little there, and aren't a "terrorist cell" type of thing, just "lone gunman." With any luck, they target different opportunities close enough in time that the body is convulsing from the number of heads lost.
      Then they go back to "sleep." See what happens, see if it's needed again. If the message was ignored - the rattlesnake's warning ignored - or, more likely, they double-down... It's all over. Second wave never stops; or, the populace realize there's NO escape from the figurative (maybe even literal) cattle cars. The populace waking up would be devastating (all around, would be a full-on war), but it would make for a "market correction" in the political economy.

      As long as we bend over and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" we'll keep getting beaten. When we take the paddle away and break it over their head, they'll know we're serious, and either back off, or double down. My money is on "double down," and I know I want to either be elsewhere - another continent, hopefully - or on the front lines, taking scalps. (I just don't want to continue with "business as usual" if my country is falling apart. Which it is already...)
      steyraug96 -at-

    3. Taking Scalps, otherwise we will eventually have to do it all over again.

      And this time we leave a secret group of Honorable Knights to maintain the Constitution, under GOD.

  3. Scumbag waste-of-skin. People like this don't deserve to be voted out, but rather led away to a green pasture by the local militia to enjoy their last sunset.

  4. Where did Coloradans find this cute quaffed queer? Was it Morse's hair or his hair-lip that most appealed to his constituents? He is certainly not a 'man' in the full sense of the word. Morse looks like he came from Sinfagsicko bent on imposing his limp-wrested will on the real Coloradans who just want to be left alone. I weep - not for the weak willed suburbanites who voted this glory-hole patron into office, but for the true men and women of Colorado who now must either submit to his will or cleanse this scum from the heel of their cowboy boots.

  5. I can't believe this pig is still breathing. I guess Colorado is all liberals and illegals....

    1. If it's that important to you, instead of tossing insults why don't you get off your lard ass and get busy fixing it? I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're not on site, with any intel or useful observation of the situation.

      Or are you just here to try and poke the hornet nest, see what flies out? Is that what your boss, Big Wet Janet told you to do?

      and in parting, did your parents name you after Chas Bono on purpose?

    2. It is important to me. I'm in my AO doing my intel so don't go to far off that limb, "squid". I'd say you spend a lot of time on your computer sticking your 1 cent in or looking at little boys. Maybe you should get off your lard ass and do a little big boy intel. Chas Bono. Really. That's the best you got. LFMayor must stand for liberal faggot mayor. Only a faggot or woman would even think about freaks.