Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's 1939 Again! The SS To Be Granted Arrest Powers in Commierado

WTF is going on here?!
A bill is heading to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk that Republican lawmakers say would give members of the Secret Service broad arrest powers in the state and could provide a framework for federal agents eventually to enforce gun restrictions.
Is this how they plan on dealing with the Colorado Sheriff's who vowed not to enforce these recently passed unconstitutional gun laws? You would have thought it would be the DHS doing the dirty work, not the Secret Service.

But there's more.

The United States Schutzstaffel will now be able to, at their discretion, lock you up for a 72 hour mental health hold without charges. Sounds like they're using Stalin's play book.
Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins, said despite the bill being sponsored by a fellow Republican, the 72-hour mental hold caught the attention of several Republicans in the Senate.

“This was one of the big flags for us in the bill,” Marble said. “It’s very suspicious because we have the separation of federal, state and even the local police services. Everyone has their own jurisdiction, and there is a special reason for keeping federal agents away.

No federal authority should have the ability to detain somebody for 72 hours,” she said. “If there is a legitimate reason for doing so for someone who is mentally ill, that should come at the local level where people in the community know one another.”
The idea for this bill didn't come from local minds. It's got Ă˜bama's fingerprints all over it and Gov. John Hickenlooper is more than willing to bend over and do his master's bidding.

Read about the rest of this federal power grab here.
It seems more likely that Colorado is going to be ground zero sooner than later.
For “happy homes,” for “altars free,” we grasp the ready sword,
For freedom, truth, and for our God’s unmutilated word.
These, these the war-cry of our march, our hope the Lord on high;
Then put your trust in God my boys, and keep your powder dry.

"Oliver's Advice" by William Blacker


  1. They better have plates...

  2. Ya know, I realize that I have said it before.....but y'all really should be making plans to move out of Colorado and head out, up here in one of the American redoubt states.

    You are not going to change anything there, the snowball roaring down the slope has gotten too big and has way too much speed to stop it.

    So, get out before it is to late to do so.

    Our prayers are with you.


  3. WOW. So this is how Bloomie's police state is coming down, huh?

    And... IdahoBob, this is coming to every state sooner or later, if no one stands up to it. NO ONE is immune.

  4. Mt Top Patriot3/30/2013 11:36 AM

    Here comes the police state! Test bed Commierado.
    It was only a matter of time before the illegal alien in the oval office got his gestapo on.
    All tyrants do it.
    It is the time honored tested true strategy of the dictator.
    Create laws where everyone is a criminal.
    Then have your praetorian class round em up.
    At least the ones who represent the greatest threat to your power.
    Or pogrom those who make the tastiest scapegoats with the best propaganda value.

    You all understand what is going down here in Colorado is test bedding the nuts and bolts of creating a police state?
    You know, the one where the commie son of a bitch and his pals in the white house implement a civilian security force, just as powerful, just as well armed as the military.

    If anybody is not aware, the secret service is employed by the federal reserve, (which is neither), they are the armed wing of the banking cartel families, their purpose is to protect fiat money and those in government responsible to hold up the ponsi scheme.

    In short order:
    They are calling chicken on us men.
    They are testing not only our resolve.
    They are ready to implement the testing of tactics, gear, doctrine, retention of sovereign American's outside the scope of the rule of law.
    But most critical is the testing of resolve.
    This whole gun thing is a setup.
    They could care less about the guns.
    It is those who posses the guns.
    The 2nd don't mean squat without the people with resolve to defend their primal Liberty.
    They are bird dogging Liberty.
    They are going to beat the bushes to see what they can flush.

    Them Sheriffs have their arse swinging in the breeze.
    They are going to have to back up their statements of holding to the rule of law and constitution.
    Because the secret service is a part of the executive branch.
    They answer to the usurper in the oval office.
    Who answers to the banksters.

    Talk about crossing the Rubicon.
    If the federal Praetorian class follows the orders of the ruling class in is the crossing of the dividing line between civility and civil war.

  5. Once federal assets are moved in all hell is probably going to break loose. A lot of constitutionalists are idle because there is no way to fight the Leviathan. What are they going to do, blow up a Federal building staffed mainly by women who are not involved? (Mcveigh) Or maybe a post office where all of the evil Federalis congregate? (My wife worked at the post office) It is entirely another game when Federal troops and assets are in their neighborhoods doing the bidding Chairman Zero right in front of them. If it does go that way and gets hot and heavy, people will be coming in from out of state to throw in. Some are already planning to be there for July 2.

  6. Well...... I. Dee. Ho' Bob thinks y'all should run away and hide up in naziland.--- Maybee its time for all you "patriots" to put your money where your mouth is. Get off your dead nascar watchin' asses and DO SOMETHING. While you still can, and BEFORE the dear leader puts y'all in a death camp. Time to cowboy up.

    1. Naziland.....I do not think so.

      Methinks that you just be another one of those troll internet commando agitators.


  7. It's times like these that let me know that God is working. For had I not two beautiful toddler sons, I would have already "done something".

    But my time is coming...