Friday, March 1, 2013

Klamath Falls MP5 Open Carry Stop The Right Way

LEO's could learn from this one.

He does it the right way, respectfully and correctly.

Can't say the same thing about the videographer.


  1. Our beleaguered country would be in much better shape if all LEOs acted accordingly in a respectful manner such as this guy. He exhibited no authoritarian control issues nor an inflated superiority complex.

    Although an argument could be made that he didn't have valid reasonable suspicions to make the stop initially, I think he handled the encounter very well.

  2. How ludicrous is a magazine capacity restriction? Watch...

    Don't believe the baseless emotional appeals to faux reasoning. Watch for yourself how "limited" a shooter with multiple magazines, or multiple guns really is (not).

    So when you hear a politician propose, or even support magazine capacity restrictions you know for a fact they are lying!

  3. Mr R & R,
    I have watched the video a couple of times and did not get the impression the young man was disrespectful or belligerent.Young, a little naive and not very confident in dealing with the police, but then again he hasn't gained the wisdom or experience of age yet and hoping he does with maturity, but then again if he is going to walk around exercising his 2 ND amendment right I would hope he has the maturity. The officer, had he truly been celebrating this young man's 2ND right would never had ask him to present and to reach and remove his weapon to clear it and check for full auto capacity. The weapon as I could tell was slung over shoulder barrel down and not being brandished. Notice the backup officer with his hand on arms and both young men told to keep hands away from their weapons, officer safety I suppose, what about citizens safety, those two young men where more in harm then those two officers, what, with all the recent spray and pray shooting of our men in blue lately...

  4. Good cop! extra doughnut! I have a friend in Montrose who is a Sheriffs deputy and is the same way. Good guy,very knowledgeable and respectful.Good cops are precious few. Think about this for a second though; many good cops like this guy have a big target painted on their backs and are targets from within their own ranks, in addition to being shot at by low life scum criminals. Can you tell the difference between a friend or an enemy without making contact? I know I cant. Can you confront an armed stranger and determine their alliance, while remaining calm and keeping the other calm too? This aint no game kids!

  5. I grew up in this town- and I can assure you from personal experience that this is the exception rather than the rule.

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  7. @ anon 19:29 re exception rather than the rule. (sorry, had to edit dumb use of English on previous post!)

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the case in most jurisdictions, a shrinking exception at that. Be thankful for the ones like this guy that you do still have. They are still functioning as "Peace Officers" to serve and protect, and not as "Legally Expected to Oppress" with impunity by and for their masters.

    If you run into that guy, shake his hand for me and tell him it's from an admirer in Aurora, Co.....

  8. I also believe the cop had a reasonable request to look at the rifle and inspect. He was polite and respectful. I have no issues with what he did and how he approached this young man, who in my opinion was not exactly disrespectful but should have just listened to the cop in the first place. If you are going to parade around town with your rifle like that expect to get confronted by police.