Sunday, March 10, 2013

Letter to the Commierado Dems - The Sleeping Giant is Awakening

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." - Gen. Yamamoto
The recent Commierado House and Senatorial hearings on the proposed anti-gun, anti self-defense, anti-2nd Amendment bills were rigged to prevent a proper amount of time for public input by ramming all the bills through in a single day.

Then yesterday it was revealed that they threatened Colorado Sheriff's if they continued to testify against these bills.

They brought in an Arizona resident, Astronaut Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords husband), to testify in favor of these gun bills. Then it was revealed that he purchased one of these 'evil black rifles' for himself, the day after testifying in Commierado.
The hypocrisy on the left knows no shame.

People see it and people are pissed!

Below is an email I received from a reader and fellow Coloradan. He was at the capitol last  Monday ready to testify in the Senatorial hearings but was not allowed to speak due to the time constraints imposed by the Democratic controlled Senate.

I'm putting it out here in cyberspace for all to read.
Ironwill III,

I was at the capital last Monday, planning to speak at the Senatorial hearings. On some of the bills, no citizens got to speak. Others, maybe 10 percent of the citizens who signed up got to speak. I wasn't one of the ones who made the cut.

I had decided there was no point speaking to the specific points of the bills. Everyone on both sides of the issue knows they won't do anything to prevent mass shootings. The intent is to use the recent shootings to advance the citizen diarmament agenda. I decided it might be worthwhile to try a different aproach.

Failing to be heard Monday, I have e'mailed my comments to the committee members and some fence sitters. I doubt anyone read them.

Your blog is read in Colorado. If you care to post this, perhaps it will find it's way to some senator and influence a vote Monday. If not, that's Ok.

What follows is what I would've said, had I been allowed to speak.

Franktown, Colorado

Guess Who I Am?

None of you know who I am, but you should. I pay your salary; you work for me.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and his lobbyists don't pay your salary. I do.

Gabby Gifford's husband doesn't pay your salary. I do.

Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco doesn't pay your salary. I do.

Chuck Schumer, Carolyn McCarthy, Bobby Bonds, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama don't pay your salary. I do.

And, I'm disappointed in the way you are doing your job.

Why are you carrying the water for out of state gun grabbers?

I don't pay you to ignore your oath of office and pass laws that are unconstitutional.

I don't pay you to draw up laws that won't do what you claim they will. We all know this package of laws will do nothing to make anyone safer, and in some instances they will have exactly the opposite effect (e.g., the bill to prohibit Campus Concealed Carry, where statistics show assaults on women dropped by half after concealed carry was instituted on the CSU campus).

I don't pay you to propose a bunch of laws just to advance the citizen disarmament agenda, to nibble away at our rights, and to set traps for the law abiding with carelessly written legal complexities.

And I don't much care for you trying to increase my exposure to predatory lawyers. Yes, I own one of those evil black rifles. I also own a shotgun for bird hunting and a .22 self-loading rifle, both of which you treat as "dangerous assault weapons" (when Senator Morse was asked if that was a mistake in his bill he assured us all that it was intentional).

I don't much like having to take a day off to come down and tell you to get back on track (or as was the case Monday, spend all day trying and not even being able to make myself heard).

I don't like you railroading bad (or for that matter any) legislation through at breakneck speed.

I don't like you giving time in committee hearings to people from out of state (even if they are a Rocket Scientist) while allowing no time to most residents who signed up to speak, especially since they are the ones whose civil rights will be infringed by these laws.

I pay you to look out for the best interests of the people and the State of Colorado, not to administer the Colorado District of the Federal Government.

I expect your first loyalty to be to the people and state of Colorado, not the national Republican or Democrat party, not lobbyists - either local or national - and certainly not to overseas interests.

I expect you to quit wasting time on this package of "Gun Control" bills, just quickly vote them down, and then get to work lowering taxes and streamlining government, so we citizens can get back to making money and improving the economy and life for everyone.

You should be aware there are a lot of gun owners who disagree with this package of proposed laws. Some are old timers, and some are brand new, buying their first firearm in the wake of all this gun grabbing hysteria. There were enough to create an 8-day Brady Check backlog that ran for weeks. Gun stores were emptied of most of their guns and ammunition, creating industry wide backlogs. These people aren't buying this materiel just to turn it in when you say so.

And these people vote. They are getting their friends into the fold. And their friends friends.

You may think you can do anything you want right now and in two years it will have been forgotten. You are sadly mistaken. Two years is, however, plenty of time for angry constituents to band together and replace you with someone who won't need a reminder talk like this one.

The architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto, had lived in America and understood the culture. When asked in an interview by the Japanese press about what his raid had accomplished, he replied, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and instill in him a terrible resolve".

Be forewarned; you are waking up another sleeping giant.

You better straighten up, or I'll be paying your salary to someone else pretty soon.
This is just one man out of many.

Will they listen?

Do they feel the passing of these treasonous bills are worth the consequences they will impose on the State of Colorado's residents, or even on themselves?

Unintended Consequences bite when you least expect.


  1. Human nature says, No, they will not listen. Or if they do it will only be temporary. So you might as well prepare for what comes next.

    They only way this ends is unfortunately in violence in some form or another.

    It's human nature and history.

  2. Meh. Pretty soon, wanna-be tyrants will discover what an armed populace will do when backed into a corner.

    And no, just because you fools pass illegal, 'color of law' edicts does NOT mean we will comply with them.

    My RIGHTS are not open to negotiation.

    III% is all it takes to fix this fecal spoo.

    When the time comes, your names will be remembered.

  3. I'm done wasting my breath and efforts on those obtuse morons.

    All I have to say is, "NO". End of discussion.

  4. Please check out the following. I think you will find it pertinent. I couldn't find an email for you, so I dropped it here. Regards, Jay

  5. Doesn't it make you feel good to know that a out of state person has more importance to your elected officals than a resident of the elected officals state. Sound like it is time to fire your elected officals. I hope you know to empty your magazines of your "stored kills" before you hand them over. You wouldn't want to give them your "stored kills" also.