Monday, March 4, 2013

Magpul's Future To Be Decided Today at Commierado Capitol

Today is the day where Magpul's future in the State of Colorado is decided in the senate. 2A folks are there at the capital in masses.
Colorado Senate hearing is today.

Scheduled to begin at 10:30.

The 2A crowd has packed the placed just like they did at the House hearings.

Will the elected elite listen this time?

Day of Disruption is today.

Be there if you can.


  1. In case you wonder whether or not the honking campaign is having effect (though I'm sure it won't deter the collectivists from ramming the legislation through), here's a comment on one of the Denver Post forums regarding the bills:

    "I do know the noise from asking people to "Honk For Freedom" is giving me a headache and the state office I am helping out in today is basically not functionally due do the noise. How about those people respecting the workers around the capitol? How about the waste of tax payers money from the lack of productivity? The person I am suppose to reporting just left taking the day off as a sick day." (by nogop on 11:02 am, Mon Mar 04 #2907953)

    Por wittle public servant is upset the mundanes are speaking.....

  2. the poor wittle parasite confuses taxing, regulating, spending, stamping and tyrannizing with "productivity"

  3. Lets hope CO has a shred of sensibility---but if not---Magpul is more that welcome to freedom loving states and would suggest they and all mfgs locate at least 2 factories in different areas of the country if possible.