Monday, March 4, 2013

They Heard Us and They Ignored Us - Prepare for Consequences

The amount of gun owners and citizens rallying against the Commierado gun bills were overwhelming when the bills were heard last month in the House committee and today in the Senate Committee.

Each time, the Democratic controlled House and Senate voted in favor of the bills.

One ignoramus in the House went so far as to say that women didn't need to carry guns on campus for self-defense. His reasoning?
And since the hearings got underway, a persistent wail of honking horns and car alarms has been heard inside the hearing rooms, signaling the determination of some opponents, many frustrated at the limited time allowed for official testimony, to make their opposition heard.
But regardless of the push against these bills, as of this post, 3 of the 7 bills have passed so far.
  • Convicted domestic violence offenders and anyone subject to a restraining order will be required to relinquish their guns to law enforcement.
  • Universal State background checks must be conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for all private gun transactions between individuals (amended so transfers between family members do not require a background check for the first 72 hours)
  • Gun buyers must pay a $10 or $12 fee for a Colorado Bureau of Investigation instant background check when purchasing/transferring a gun.
As of this posting, the hearing on limiting magazine capacities is going on.

  • Magazine limit of 15 rounds maximum has passed committee (bye bye Magpul - depending on final reading and vote in Senate)
  • Bill holding manufacturers and sellers of assault-style weapons in Colorado liable for crimes committed with their guns passed committee
  • Bill banning conceal carry on campus passed committee 
  • Bill banning online training for those seeking a concealed carry permit passed committee
Prepare to become a criminal tomorrow for possessing inanimate objects that are legal today.

If these bills pass the Senate when they come up for final vote, then there is nothing left to lose. The Governor already said he'd sign them.

You're enemies have been made known.

They want to subjugate you.

They want to control you.

They want you defenseless.

Do what you must.

Fight smart.


  1. About what i expected. Like my skeptical post here in the video that caught the honking, those guys arent afraid. they have the power and the stuff they need(i.e. DHS as backup) to keep the power.
    Only way to win is to vote them out and put in constitutional abiding people, theyre not scared a bit with protests.

    1. They need to be scared. Vote until you are blue in your face. They need to be real scared... Scared to death...

    2. You mean dispose of them ALL.

    3. Unfortunately, the electoral system in Colorado is TOTALLY COMPROMISED. There are no honest elections here, haven't been for decades.

      That's how the communists captured both houses and the governors mansion. The Republican state chair, Ryan Call, has been working for the other side since he was "voted" in by his fellow communists, most of them of the Trotskyite school.

      What does that leave us with?

    4. Vote them out... ROFLMBO... how'd they get there in the first place? Vote them out- the most laughable campaign slogan to come down the pike in 235 years.

      Unless, of course, you're talking about voting with Rule .308. Then they may start reconsidering their election campaign.

    5. my family have been going to Colorado every year for a snow boarding trip. we have been spending a lot of $ for a 3-4 day outing + we go hunting & camping there. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The only way to fix them it to kill them good sir.


  3. Vote them out?!?!? You're kidding, right? How has that worked out all these years of voting? We now have our first bona fide marxist pig in the white house. We have marxists in our congress, in our 'supreme court'. This isn't going to get better by going to the ballot box. They have that sucker all frauded up & a spanish company is the one counting the votes.
    We will have to do as Anonymous at 21:23 says. That's the only way left.
    And I'm tired of being scared that "they" are going to find out who we are. They already know.


      Gotta duck when the

      Dreading some Bracken/Rawles/Forstchen scenario that is an unavoidable fog. Thousands of MRAP, billions hollow-point .40 Short 'n Weak cartridges, 40M FEMA body-boxes are props for the next act.
      Here I stand.

  4. I have serious doubts that we'll ever be able to use the ballot box to defeat the progressive agenda of societal control. Besides reaching that infamous milestone of roughly half the country's population being bought and paid for through government entitlements of one kind or another while expecting big government to be a permanent surrogate parent figure, the obvious illegal voting is growing exponentially with only agents of big government to stand in the way -- the fox guarding the hen house.

    We can't count on the Republicans to do anything as they are just as corrupt and run by big government loving neoconservatives as the big government loving progressives. The two major parties (and absolutely none of the third parties will ever have the power to compete and win) have just become the right and left wings of the same new national bird -- the vulture. They both want absolute control of the country to be run by their own respective Platonic philosopher kings. Their biggest competition is to see who is holding the reigns as our once great country swirls down the drain of oblivion.

    The obvious political means to change the country are beyond piss poor...

  5. What action will Coloradians take tomorrow? Will any pol suffer in ANY way for this? Will incidence of lead poisoning increase?

    1. These were only senate committee meetings, not final votes. The bills approved have to go to the full senate to be voted on (they'll probably pass in all honesty). Then they have to balance the bills from the assembly and senate before submission to the lying SOB governor we have to sign. After he signs them (expected) they will go into law as the bills call for.

      At that time do we expect anything to happen -- no. People will bitch, moan and cry along with filing some law suits, etc. But until innocents in large quantities are arrested or shot resisting arrest, nothing will happen...and even then it'll be iffy...

    2. So you are saying that's what YOU are going to do? Don't speak for others...speak for yourself.

      3% won the first Revolution so it doesn't take many.

      Which side will you stand on? You can only answer for yourself.

    3. I'll act for affect, not talk for effect. Unfortunately I don't think a big portion of the talkers we listen to today will walk the walk. I spent a major portion of my life as first a military and then a "civilian" operator and generally found those who talk the biggest game are not always the ones who toe the line when push comes to shove.

      I work with my own group that I've been with for the last 12 years and have unqualified trust with. We do know the difference between effect and affect...correct timing is essential -- always has been and always will be. Pick your fights and how they are fought wisely and you'll be able to pick many. Pick unwisely and you'll only have to pick once.

      Nous Defions

  6. The time is growing close, and men and women of honor and bravery MUST be prepared for the fight that is ahead. If you desire freedom and liberty, then our time has arrived. We have lived many decades, many years off of the labors and blood of our forefathers, but now it is time to water the tree of liberty once again.

    Steel your hearts and prepare your minds, for the hour of decision and the valley of Elah has arrived.

    J Gibbs, PhD

    1. Amen sir. The time is now. These unconstitutional laws are as good as the shots fired at us on Lexington Green.

  7. I would urge Patriots to stay calm and assess options. These laws can be challenged in the courts. They can be resisted peacefully through non-compliance. Many local PDs will refuse to enforce or drag their feet. The way to deal with bureaucrats is through jamming the system, not armed rebellion.

    I recognize that they represent a serious threat to liberty and a violation of the US Constitution. However, at this point, not enough of the general population is "awake" to these dangerous trends to be able to support a more "active" response.

    An armed response at this point would be painted as the actions of lunatics and rednecks, and most of the public would buy into the .fed line and you would lose the moral high ground.

    I think that kind of response must be defensive, maintain the moral and legal high ground, and must wait for the other side to move first, and only after the larger economic calamity has struck when public confidence in our "leaders" has been lost and the DHS has been forced to show their hand (i.e., the use of the 7,000 assault rifles, 3000 MRAPs, etc...)

    Just to be totally clear, I am not advocating violence. In fact, I am saying that any use of arms must first be defensive to establish moral high ground.

    These bad laws must be fought in the courts and at the ballot box. Repubs need to learn the strategy that the Dems used in CO and take it back.

    1. Screw you coward or quisling they own the Courts. You are a fraud buying them time .
      Now it is crap or get off the pot , good cops and sheriffs will follow us the rest will not .
      If you get 6% it will end a lot quicker.

      Either way it will be bloody , what is next empty the prisons and stop all the Checks?

    2. Well, at least you'll only have to pick one fight...

    3. bloodyspartan, you are making my point for me. Your rash and emotional response is exactly what I'm talking about. The left is outflanking us politically and intellectually.

      Although patriots have enjoyed a groundswell of support for gun rights, at this point in time, while the lights are still on, the food still in the stores, etc... you are not going to enjoy widespread or even marginal support for turning Denver's streets into an urban war zone over a magazine ban.

      I am not a coward nor a quisling, I am not advocating appeasement. But attacking now (physically) would play right into their agenda and remember, they own the media so they can paint you any way they want.

      Anyway, I don't live in CO so I am not telling you how to run your state. I live in another Dem controlled socialist "paradise" and we have our own battles to face. I wish you Godspeed.

      I am just suggesting that the liberty movement has not exhausted all options and that we have a moral duty to do so (while disobeying unconstitutional laws).

    4. @anon 22:23 -- Well thought out analysis of the situation as it stands now. As the situation changes -- and it will as all situations are fluid -- you can evaluate another strategy or two. Don't be goated on by those with blood lust and anger but little common sense nor competent military experience/knowledge. Firing a shot too soon will not only be counter productive to the cause of liberty, but it'll most likely be one of only a few they get to fire while accomplishing nothing of substance.

      However, I do believe that getting Constitutional justice from the government justice system is very slim at best. And counting on the Republicans to take CO back and change things is essentially living in hope only to die in despair. The Republicans have their own agenda at controlling us benighted mundanes in their vision of a big government controlled society.

      A hot civil war is inevitable at this point in time. But the idea is to not only win it, but to survive long enough to make a viable contribution to it's success.

    5. Thank you Trinity, I mostly agree with you. I hope and pray that a hot war is avoidable, but fourth turning theory suggests that, alas, it is not.

      We should, I believe, try to delay and stall the statists while using the extra time to prep mentally and physically. Again, like I said, while everything is "normal" and the dollar still buys some food, we will not enjoy widespread support. Only later on, when trust is lost in the .gov at all levels will the liberty movement enjoy broader political and logistical support.

      For "bloodyspartan," please read this (from

      It is critical to delineate the difference between a true resistance guerrilla fighter, and other small-unit, irregular force operatives that may appear similar, but in fact, are drastically different, such as militias (although the local militia may operate as a part of the guerrilla force in liberated territories), mercenaries, and criminal/narco-terrorist gangs. The militia’s only intent should be to provide security for the local community and its residents. Mercenaries and criminal/narco-terrorist gangs will seldom hold themselves to any sort of moral construct similar to that of the resistance-force guerrilla. It is critical for the guerrilla force insurgent to recognize that ONLY uniformed personnel of the enemy regime are legitimate targets for the guerrilla force. Key political personnel, civilian population sympathizers and informants, etc, MUST be dealt with solely by the subversive underground. This is critical to the PSYOP campaign for the resistance, since conduct of assassinations/kidnappings, etc, by the underground can be plausibly blamed on the regime’s security apparatus if it is not conducted by organized paramilitary forces of the guerrilla.

    6. I would also like to briefly point out that 3D printing, which is rapidly developing and coming down in cost every day, will force the left to face an existential, ideological crisis. That is, either ban 3D printers (which would be wildly unpopular and raise enormous civil rights issues) or give up any hope of preventing individuals from "printing" firearms and magazines.

      We only have to bide our time (3-5 years at most) until the combination of the internet and 3D printing will insure that any patriot who desires an AR-15 w/ 30 rd mag or a sidearm will have one.

      Any confiscations will be quickly replaced with new stock from home printers. At that point, the war is lost before it is begun for the statists. Again, this is coming faster than most thought possible. I believe 3-5 years and we should see fully 3D printed firearms (including barrels).

    7. So what do we do when they knock on our doors, or just break them in? Colorado has "make my day" laws - and they know it too.

    8. '...maintain the moral and legal high ground, and must wait for the other side to move first...'

      And you don't consider them coming to your door to confiscate your property as 'moving first'?

      What, pray tell, DO you consider 'moving first'?

    9. Start reading immediately:
      Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises
      Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival
      Books by me (Max Velocity) available on
      Then go out and train it!

    10. Just don't use your guns and they won't be able to paint things that way for those remaining. If you're willing to go down for liberty find another way.

  8. Well, my god...

    You guys have been ignoring the political tides in Colorado for many many years. And now all of a sudden it's "we're gonna kill 'em"...?

    Listen. The left has been working on this for a LONG time. They've got their networks, their media contacts, their "community organizing" down pat. Why don't YOU guys?

    The left has the long view. The Right needs to learn this and get their own, and get the political infrastructure to put it into place, pronto. For a small instance: do you know how to get your community to the polls? Do you even know your community?

    Otherwise, your complaining's going nowhere except over the internets.

    1. I'll tell you why. Because GOOD people want to live their lives and not bother anyone else, let alone attempt to dictate to others how to live their lives. THAT'S why WE have no network in place because we choose to live under the principals of liberty. Where we messed up is we ignored human nature, history and yes, what was going on politically in our country. My opinion is that we should have seen the tide coming and nipped it in the Bud so to speak. Yes, we are as much to blame as the collectivists. However, where I differ from the many able and experienced tacticians in our community such as Max and Mosby is that I say that it's too late to sit idly and wait for them to come. It's done...They won by "legal" means...Never mind every gun law in the books ALREADY is Unconstitutional, but I digress. I say the War is on and I say Strategically it's time to plan for what we will do to them, should they start stacking and killing honest Americans who would not be disarmed. PEOPLE have to come to your door to kill you and they have families..PEOPLE have made these insane laws and they have families, PEOPLE have to fly the Predator Drones that can easily kill you from 12K Feet up....It would be strategically wise to reach out to those people NOW and let them know if they try it, they are known and everything they love will be erased if they go along with this plan. THIS is the way to win a war and we most certainly have a war on our hands people. It's not if but WHEN it goes hot and I was always taught that you do not sit and wait to be a target. It's bad tactics. Their is no moral high ground with these people. They'll cut us down like dogs, pretend to give us amnesty like Stalin and when we go to turn in our weapons shoot us down and bury us in mass graves...No thanks! We've learned those lessons from history. I'm sorry to disagree with many honorable soldiers and vets (I am a Vet as well) but I believe the time is right now to act, before the stacks start and the killings begin. Anything less is defeat. Take the fight to the enemy NOW before the bullets start raining down upon you and your own families. I'll say it right here. Our Republic is lost and we are at war. If we wait we die and we lose.

  9. Howdy All,

    Just a comment ref the legislator quoted in the entry-- why is choice always the answer of the "progs" -except when it comes to guns?? I won't tell you to carry a CCW, just don't tell me I CAN'T!


  10. I thought the most telling moment in the testimony today was when about 20 Colorado county sheriffs took time from their busy schedules to travel to Denver to speak out against universal gun background registration. After their appeal they were applauded by the audience in defiance of chairwoman Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) who furiously banged her gavel to silence them. American patriots, every one.

    The Democrats in the Colorado Legislature are the government the Founding Fathers feared when they wrote the Constitution; a tyrannical government so full of itself that it tramples the will of the people and the law.

  11. It is probably time for we the people to get our own Media stations warmed up, be it Mobile AM broadcasting to start Or? Any great Ideas out there? WE need our own think tanks/Brainstorm sessions in EVERY State. Thank You Brothers and Sisters who stand your Ground.

  12. So they say you are criminals now? When Jesus was asked if he was the king of the Jews, he replied "You have said it". Well they have said it. The whole nation now is watching. Good luck (and not in a trite kind of way.)

  13. Howdy all,

    I would seriously suggest that you take the time and check out the possibilities of moving up here to Idaho, north of Boise, of course.

    I do not believe that staying in Colorado is a good option. It is only going to get worse before you can make it better.


  14. JFK said "Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevetable."
    They have taken away the Soap Box.
    They have taken away the ballot box.
    They have taken away the Jury box.
    That only leaves the cartridge box.

    It is time to prepare, so we are ready when it come time to shot them.

    1. Your very posting of words here IS a soap box, as is your ability to show up with flags and signs at the capitol, in parks, and on the sidewalks. There is still voting and juries all over this country--it is a constitutional right. Why on earth would you prepare to shoot people? Because they disagree with you about how guns should be regulated?

    2. War is an expression of politics by other means.

  15. Those who will be called upon to actually grab our guns will be doing it for PAY! Soon there will be NOTHING with which to pay them. Will they then risk their lives for the cause of tyranny. The "boots on the ground" need to be reminded relentlessly that they will be left to twist in the wind and that we know who they are, where they are, and the evil things they have done or may do. The coming conflict will be the ugliest ever witnessed on this planet with few distinct lines of battle drawn after the first few skirmishes. There will be NO electricity (guaranteed). THEY will make you fire the first shot, or lie about it. There is no more important aspect than TIMING! Think Northern Ireland on steroids. How can politicians and bureaucrats think they can live in this country like anything buts rats in a hole after what they've done. I'm old and a peace-lover and abhor violence but that doesn't keep me from being able to see what's coming. Laws and technology may change, but human nature never changes. What's in our near future has played out over and over throughout history, but not on the present scale. I pray that I may acquit myself adequately in our noble endeavor to restore our liberty. I challenge anyone to cite once in recorded history that a people restored their freedom WITH the ballot and WITHOUT violence. God have mercy on us.

    1. There is a book, I think it's called the Fourth Turning. It talks about the cycles we go through as a nation. When the older wiser people pass away, we forget the lessons of the past, and then things get ugly.

  16. You are all a bunch of absolute wackos. You have lost all perspective on what is important. Believe it or not, life is about more than guns. And guns are not the equivalent of freedom. Moreover, no one has even TRIED to take your guns away or to repeal the Second Amendment. People are talking about limiting the number of bullets in a magazine and requiring a background check when buying a gun, so that people with felony or domestic violence records (who can't legally own a gun) can't skirt the system through private sales. Will any of this cure gun violence or mass shootings? Of course not. They are small steps that might save a few lives, and which cause minimal difficulty for those who legally buy and own guns.

    Instead of spending a day driving around the capitol blaring your horn to protest how you are such a poor, innocent, oppressed citizen, why don't you invest that energy serving people with actual needs? Volunteer at a homeless shelter or mentor a kid who needs guidance. Blaring your horns and hinting on the web about killing other Americans who disagree with your view on *where the gun-restriction lines should be drawn* is absolutely crazy, and reveals that you have no respect for a representative government where, by definition, people disagree, debate, vote, and, ultimately, live with their differences.

    1. @anon 0845

      Spoken as a true apostle of the collective.

      However, this is not "just about guns." Nor are the measures that cretins of the collective in favor of such "innocuous laws" actually as innocuous as you have been programmed to believe. They made a sci-fi movie about folks like you and your collective -- called the all knowing, all powerful collective the "Borg."

      Limited magazine capacity limits the ability of self defense -- why should I, an honest law abiding citizen, an individual, be limited when I didn't break any laws and the criminals who did the evil deeds don't obey any laws at all? Universal background checks requires the transfer of every firearm be reported to the government. If you believe that a "master log," a database recording gun ownership won't be built that could be used for future confiscation I've got some beachfront property to sell you in the Mojave Desert. Meanwhile, Joe gangbanger who will use a gun for illegal purposes will not be submitting to a universal background check as the black market doesn't require them.

      I'm not just concerned about gun rights, I want individual liberty, a culture of self-reliance and self responsibility...I want the whole enchilada that individual liberty and true freedom entails.

      Liberty is an inherently offensive and frightening lifestyle. Personal responsibility and self reliance are foreign concepts to the assimilated members of the (Borg) collective. Being cut from the apron strings of big government is akin to werewolves and vampires being real to an apostle of the collective as all they can think about is death reigning down upon them.

      Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. That psychic discomfort is the price we pay for basic civic peace. It's worth it. It's a pragmatic principle. Defend everyone else's rights, whether you embrace them or not for yourself, because if you don't there is no one to defend yours.

      You apostles of the progressive collective claim to represent and defend minorities (we'll leave the fact that you actually enslave them at every turn for another discussion). The smallest minority is the individual. If you trample on any natural rights, liberties and or freedom of an individual you trample on them all and cannot honestly claim that you "protect" the rights of any minority.

      Now go back to the collective and seek further "wisdom" before you become disassimilated from suckling teat of tyranny....

    2. People like you who think they won't be considered legitimate military targets when this goes hot has better rethink their position.

      Once this goes hot, the objective will be to kill the goons, then kill the goon-masters, then hang those that put the goon-masters in office. All the little Julius Streicher's in the media can additionally consider themselves to be legitimate military targets.

      So go fuck yourself, you ride with those seeking to dismantle the constitution, you hang with them asshole.

    3. The following are just a few types of governments that ban firearms.
      1) Communists
      2) Socialists
      3) Fascists
      3) Oligarchies
      I'm pretty sure ours is now a fascist/oligarchy mix. Don't forget The Patriot Act and the NDAA are sitting there in the sidelines, weapons of mass Constitutional destruction. And in case anybody didn't notice, the domestic arms race is on.


    4. Apparently, you are neither Japanese-American, Jewish, Chinese, Irish, Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Cambodian, Armenian, Cuban, Rhuwandian, nor any of the other nationalities that have been murdered to the tune of 200 million by their governments over the past 100 years.

      I know what my family suffered. I know what my friend's family suffered. I've seen the pictures. I've seen the tatoos. I actually read history. Apparently, you don't believe in the holocaust either. Naive is the wrong word to describe your world view.

    5. @ Anonymous 8:45:

      Really? No one tried to take our guns? What do you think happened in Boston in 1775? What do you think happened at Wounded Knee? What do you think happened under a Democrat Majority Government at Waco? What do you think happened in New Orleans under a Republican Majority Government?

    6. Anon: Two links.

      Peopel ARE trying to take guns. Period, full stop. Feinstein has said she wants to... Mid-80s, I believe, not a NEW statement.
      Grow up.
      Wake up.

  17. Conservative gun owners have been too busy living their lives and producing while those on the left were busy with interfering with everyone else's lives.
    Family, trusted friends and firearms are the only network and media conservatives require to deal with any threat from the left.
    We go about our lives only wishing to be left alone while the left busies themselves on how to subvert out great country for their ends of control and greed.
    The Sleeping giant is waking up. Be very afraid as it will not go well for the traitors who have sold out Mother America.

    1. Good post, "Given enough time even Heaven would become hell, had not Satan been cast below", good point too. God bless


  18. Just remember.

    On Lexington Green, they fired first. Certainly fired the first volley. In Concord, they fired first.

    Our Fathers knew the value of Moral High Ground, which we lose if we strike first with violence.

    Captain Parker's orders were, "Do not fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here".

    So all that is up to those living in CO is this; what is the first shot?

    Is it the first "raid"?

    The first man (or family) killed "resisting"?

    Is it passage?

    My own opinion, passage does not equate a shot, since, however unlikely, it can still be overturned. Be patient, be vocal, and be prepared for when the real "first shot" comes.

    Good Luck and God Speed Colorado.


    1. I knew a man who called himself Guy a while back, he taught me how to shoot. I don't know if this is you, but in case it is, I'd like you to know that the Alpenflauge is still ready, still watching.

    2. Good to hear from you. Been a long time. There's a GSL (Guns Save Life) meeting in Pontiac tonight at the VFW. I and my new bride will be there, assuming you are still in Illinois(ucks), then IGOLD tomorrow.

      And I am always glad to lend out SA 7.62x51 to a brother in need.


  19. Yes, the internet is a virtual Soap-box but it has become an extension of the "Free-speech Zones" that have shown up at venues of controversial politicians. The jury is now virtually rigged in favor of the state since jurors are told they must rule on the evidence rather than the law. Precincts with a turn-out of 139% in this last "election" show us just how effectively the ballot box has been compromised.

    I suppose we must wait a while longer before we open that last box but the time is growing nearer. God help us!

    1. Bravo! Perhaps the most rational and realistic post yet.

  20. Conservatives have lived blissfully far too long, with faith in the electoral process that promised fair
    representation of all. A court system that was immune to political influence, and a Supreme Court that
    was omniscient and rigidly impartial. A two tiered house that represented their constituents without
    regard to special interests. An executive who presided over all intent on guiding this country to the
    pinnacle of freedom, knowledge and the end of want. SCHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bullshit, everything has been corrupted by those who labor to subvert the systems we the people placed
    our faith in. Given enough time even Heaven would become hell, had not Satan been cast below.
    Out country has not the time to alloted to restore that which has decayed and infected the nation.
    Our government has for decades subverted the law enforcement community with free weapons platforms, SWAT tactics, seizure laws that predictably entice the police to self fund themselves.
    No entity of government will step from the banquet table, voluntarily.
    No amount of horn blowing, petitioning, marching, righteous displays of indignation, voting campaigns
    will right the rot that inflicts us.
    The government knows this also and are toiling day and night arming their minions w/countless rounds
    of ammunition, armored vehicles, FEMA camps for the soon to be imprisoned.
    You do not need eyes to see, you need vision, and this will not end well.

    1. Good post, "Given enough time even Heaven would become hell, had not Satan been cast below", good point too. God bless


  21. Listen to Trinity and Anon 22:23 above. Stay calm, exhaust every avenue possible for redress of grievances. TAKE THE HIGH GROUND! Make them look like the tyrants they are until more people open their eyes and wake up. You will not wake up the %50 (based on fruadulent voting), it is probably a lot less. EVen though we know our peaceful protests and redress of grievances will fall on deaf ears and eventually this will come down to extreme violence we cannot shoot our wad too soon so to speak. Train, get supplies, prepare your family because once the shooting starts you may not be able to be with them for al ong time or you may pay the ultimate price for liberty. My trigger finger is itchy as anyone of you, but now is not the time, but we also can't wait until they have such controls in place that making war will be impossible to win.

    1. F*ck the high ground, shoot them in the balls and kneecaps.

      Then impale them and later stick their heads on posts as warnings.

      They have stacked the deck since day 1.
      They have ignored the warnings, and counted on our good nature.
      They have been correct in changing the dialogue, changing the words, and making themselves out to be the "moral high ground."

      So--- WE MUST FINISH IT. It's ALREADY started.

      "Don't wrestle with a pig. You just end up dirty, and the pig enjoys it." (But bacon is yummy....)

  22. Time to get your survival gear in order plus your protection.

  23. When is the time to start shooting ? Ask any one of the seven million Jews if they had rather waited. Ask any of the 2.5 million in Cambodia under Pol Pot. Ask any of 12 million under Stalin. How long do you wait? Ask those who have perished. Oh you can't ask them ? Why ? Because they waited.