Monday, April 8, 2013

All Your Children Are Belong To Us

Stalin is smiling in his glass encased tomb.

Collectivists: "What's yours is ours, that includes your children."

Let me introduce you to Virginia Prodan. She's lived it. Below are her comments regarding that video clip.

The last time I heard that my kids belong to the community/ government was in Communist Romania , many years ago!

Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu believed that in order to extend control over our kids ; better control the parents ; Romania and the future generations!
I stood up against the dictator Ceausescu!
I fought against him; I declared and considered my children mine, took responsibility for their own education by teaching them the truth about communism and its lies, teaching them about God, taking them to church and raising them as responsible and truthful children!

Yes, I paid the price for that - I was considered by the Dictator a trouble maker, frequently interrogated by the government; called many times at school as my kids told the teacher and colleagues the truth; put under surveillance; Later I was put with my children under house arrest and after year of fighting, exiled to America!

Today this is happening in America?

We Must stand up for the Truth! Our children are God's gift to us! They belong to
Us! We are responsible to raise them as responsible, God and Country loving future leaders!

Stand up, fight and refuse the Socialism / Communism ideology and propaganda spread by the liberal media in America Now!
Yes Virginia, unfortunately it is happening in America today.

Remember what happened to Ceausescu?

We can only hope the same happens here.


  1. The end of dictators. I love it.

  2. My kids are right here, bitch. I'll feed you to the fucking flies one tiny piece at a time.
    It's one thing to mouth all this high sounding shit, but let's see these assholes venture out here into Redneckistan and put it into effect.

    See you at the races.

  3. Dumbass, read the article

  4. I meant the cunt in the video there Euclid, but hey, thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.