Tuesday, April 9, 2013

AR500 Body Armor - Affordable and Effective

If you've been saving your pennies for some hard plates, consider the VERY affordable AR500 armor.

Cheap price doesn't mean cheap quality when it comes to these plates.

The plate pictured above was shot with the following at 15 yards with NO penetration:
3 rounds of .223 55 grain Hornady GMX TAP Barrier
3 rounds of .223 60 grain Hornady TAP URBAN
3 rounds of .223 62 grain Hornady TAP BARRIER
3 rounds of .223 75 grain Hornady BTHP TAP
3 rounds of 5.56mm 55 grain Hornady GMX TAP BARRIER
3 rounds of 5.56mm 62 grain Hornady TAP BARRIER
3 rounds of 5.56mm 70 grain Hornady GMX TAP BARRIER
3 rounds of 5.56mm 75 grain Hornady BTHP T2 TAP
3 rounds of .223 55 grain Black Hills Barnes TSX
3 rounds of .223 60 grain Black Hills Soft Point
3 rounds of .223 60 grain Black Hills V-MAX
3 rounds of .223 69 grain Black Hills Sierra Matchking
3 rounds of .223 77 grain Black Hills Sierra Matchking HP
3 rounds of .308 caliber 168 grain Hornady A-MAX TAP PRECISION
10 rounds of 9mm 135 grain +p Hornady Critical Duty
10 rounds of .40 caliber 170 grain Hornady Critical Duty
5 rounds of .45 ACP Federal HST
10 rounds of 5.56mm 62 grain m855
The folks at All Shoot Out have a nice review of these plates which you can read here.

At this level of performance and price, there's no reason to pass these by. Even if you already have plates, consider another set for your spouse, or to keep in your car just in case.


  1. They definitely take a lot more hits than ceramic, but ceramic IMO would have more energy absorption. I guess a few broken ribs and some deep contusions are better than a sucking chest wound.

  2. Wonder what steel core 7.62x39 would do?

  3. Thanks a lot....they are already backordered. Now they'll never get caught up.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this stuff. It is a great price, and I will be buying some!

  5. To my mind the splatter from any hit- even 22LR- would hit arms, legs etc.. I think I'd rather suffer the impact absorption of ceramic if it reduces or eliminates what seems a high likelihood of shrapnel injuries. Sure, being alive is better than ventilated(!) but maybe some sort of ballistic kevlar/nylon webbing on top of the steel might mitigate shrapnel... maybe a waffle pattern of steel on outside? I know I know, the weight ramps up fast...

    1. The plates they are selling now come with a spall mitigating coating at no extra charge. Also, as these plates will be used in conjunction with a plate carrier, I imagine the Cordura fabric would help to contain a majority of the spall.

  6. Here's something interesting about those. Jay G. got some penetration. Curious, but if he's correct in his conclusion, my .35 Rem is looking more attractive. ;)

  7. I've had friends point out that the penetration was most likely from a 5.56mm round with steel core, SS109.

    Not .357 Magnum, although that sure would have been cool... ;)

  8. It is simply a matter of velocity that determines penetration. The NIJ calls this the V50...the average of 3 bullets velocity that penetrates. I would guess this is a level III plates which has about a 3270 fps peneteation...unless 24" barrels were used there would be no penetration from 16" or shorter barrel.