Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Considerations for Knife Work

References for a snowy day.

Fairbairn Sykes knife fighting techniques.

Knife Fighting Lies.

Especially ^ that one.

The book "Put "em Down -  Take 'Em Out" referenced in the second link can be found here in PDF format courtesy of Concerned American.


  1. Awhile back I decided to reanimate my knife training, Like many I got the basics in the various survival/evasion courses. Then got a little better instruction in special operations.

    To get me going, I started researching material on fighting techniques, and here is where you can save some money... most of the books and instruction covers the EXACT same information, with slight technique variations for Double Edged and Folding Blades.

    Other than that its the same stuff, you can only poke or cut someone so many ways.

    After reading many articles and a handful of books, I would recommend reading only two books in the order listed:


    Military Knife Fighting by Robert K. Spear

    Also to save a little pain, invest in a good practice knife of the same design as your carry blade... Just sayin.

  2. I have carried the 3rd patt. FS knife for 30 years now. The only draw back to the blade is that it is only useful as a combat knife. Use it for anything else and break it. The M-3 is almost as good as a "sticker" and MUCH stronger.

  3. Check the guys over at Sayoc.com. These guys are head and shoulders above anything I have ever scene. I have been training in the Sayoc system for about 2.5 years and I continue to have my mind blown. Bye the way love your blog keep up the fight.

  4. Folks it all comes down to absorb what is useful and discard the rest. We can argue methods all day. It is also the man that makes it. Muhammed ali said fighters are born, not made. Ali was magic in motion , Jack Dempsey was one of the hardest hitters ever. What made them apart from the others was mastery of the fight. you must find what works for you and master it. Now, it must be combat worthy and reality based. Dont go selling me some mma bullshit or tae kwon do hop and chop and tell me it fights, cause it dont. Hit Krav Maga, Muay Thai, silat, Wing Chun etc. And make it part of your soul.

  5. Those interested in Fairburn-Sykes knife techniques should look to the evolution of that discipline. Michael D. Janich developed the knife systems Martial Blade Concepts and Counter Blade Concepts. Janich was mentored by Col. Rex Applegate (before Col. Applegates death) and he updated the Fairbairn "Timetable of Death" in a book he co-authored book "Contemporary Knife Targeting." A lot of that data was inaccurate, and based on some well-intentioned seemingly reasonable assumptions that turned out to be invalid. MBC/CBC are the BEST knife systems out there now. Check it out patriots!

  6. got one of these....can't remember where...it just looks like it wants to kill you. Came with a leather sheath...will sew it to my jump boot when the partylooks like it's about to start.

  7. The simple things in life are the best.

  8. I have a Sykes around here somewhere, and 4 or 5 variants of the Applegate-Fairbairn. Every once in a while I run across a Smatchet (Gerber makes one modeled after the A-F), and almost buy it.

    Good info, though I question the sub-clavian, not that it isn't a possible target, but whether it's a viable target. I'm neither a doctor nor a ninja, just read something recently on gunshot wounds to the shoulder, written where I can't recall, inspired by an inquiry re. TV/movie scenes where the good guy gets shot in that hollow below the collarbone, just inside the shoulder, and manages to keep on going. Could be I'm misremembering some details, because judging from the anatomical data at Wikipedia, the sub-clavian looks mighty juicy.

    Nice info to keep around. I've spent time at No-Nonsense before -- good site. Would like to find a PDF of that book someplace other than at Scribd, because Scribd requires a login. (One of my pet peeves -- just link to the damn PDF, and don't make me jump through hoops!) I'll have to look around.