Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Media SOP: Blame The White Tea Party Right Winger

Before the smoke could clear in Boston, the media was already blaming the angry white Tea Party Right Wing Extremists for the bombings.

SOP for the left-wing media.

They did at Sandy Hook. They did it in Aurora. They did it for Gabrielle Giffords. They did it when Andrew Joseph Stack III flew his small plane into an IRS building, and they did it for others.

And in each case, they were completely wrong. And when the truth came out, they went silent on the matter instead of condemning them as they first did when they maliciously reported them to be Tea Party Right Wing Extremists.

This is what dictatorship countries do to smear the opposition. This is the stuff of a state run media.

Chris Matthews: 'Normally' Domestic Terrorists 'Tend to Be on the Far Right'

Smear Merchants: Media Damage Their Reputations Covering Boston Marathon Bombings
Boston Marathon Explosions Already Being Blamed on the Right 

CNN Analyst Suggests 'Right Wing Extremists' Could Be Behind Boston Bombing

Michael Moore hints conservatives may be behind Boston Marathon bombings

US Forest Service PR rep blames Boston bombing on Tea Party; Update: Tweet deleted


  1. What is NOT being said is why the leftist media is "Leftist" and works entirely for "leftist" Democrats, smearing American Conservatives, often with outright lies. You MUST take time to research, to KNOW that the Media, the Democrats, Hollywood, the ACLU, Move-on-Org, the Soros empire and many other anti-American groups are all the same tiny extremely wealthy minority that has been expelled from 109 Nations since Carthage in the year 265 for the same kind of disloyal, dishonest, manipulative hatred of the Nation in which they have chosen to live. You MUST understand that "liberal" means Communist. They invented Communism, forced it into Russia in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, took all guns away from the citizenry as they are trying to do now in America, and then murdered 21,500,000 Russian Christians and Gentiles over the next 40 or so years. Wake up real Americans. Its coming here.

  2. Addendum to the above. 22% to 25% of citizens in that tiny disloyal, historically dangerous minority are not disloyal to America in the least. Those few are among the most loyal and dynamic Patriots America has, working right alongside us to save this great Nation.

  3. Unless there is a return to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, A Spirit of Patriotism and Americanism in people, and a needed change in the voting process along with Term Limits, America will be no more in a few years.
    We will have Obama and the Progressive Marxists replacing our Founding Fathers. They will take us from Freedom to Subservience in their "Brave New World" of "1964" and we will all be living on their "Animal Farm"!

  4. Reichstag fire, anyone?

  5. http://news.yahoo.com/whos-behind-boston-marathon-bombings-4-theories-070000129.html

    yahoo news. widely read by younger folks, watered down to the point of worthless, and yet another outlet of effective propaganda.

    sorry couldn't resist!

  6. To Anonymous from Anonymous:

    Spot ON! This whole scene from Boston from the first time I caught it on the TV (approximately 30 minutes after the fact)it smelled of "hinky". Has anyone noted how quickly certain personnel dressed in ACU were on the scene? How about shortly after that the over flying helicopters, and "SWAT" type personnel showing up in full battle rattle? To BHO appearing on the tube right on cue? And who can overlook the ever compliant news media? The entire broadcast that I veiwed was on FOX News! You know the "Fair and Balanced" arm of the regimes' propaganda peddlers.

    This incident is the start of a ramp up to one big "false flag event" that will culminate everything that the regime needs in place in order to drop the hammer on our liberty. This will not be the first incident of this kind happening. There is indeed an agenda here that is so blatant it screams government involvement.

    We're all on the brink, go to the bank on this!

  7. Over My Fuckiing Dying Body.

  8. Hold the truck up here. One Anon blaming the JJJJEEEEWWWWSSS!
    Another blaming it on a "false flag". I wont even adress the anti-semetic comment thats just flat out retarded. As far as a false flag goes. Well I dont discount the fact that it could be a false flag but lets not get to far into that based on what we know so far. The reason that the ACU guys were there so quick was because they were just that. Already there! They were Mass National Guard volunteers used for crowd control. Same with SWAT. This is a big city with a big Homeland Securty augmented police force. They were already on site as well to keep justifying that payroll they have to use SWAT for every parade and city dog wash that they can. No mystery or conspiracy there. Watch the response from Obama and the Dems then we will know.

    1. Semper Fi, 03214/16/2013 11:57 AM

      Look at pictures from previous years (117), were there so many EMS and police, were there that many US flags lying around, or was this all set up for maximum media exposure?

      Do a real 'fair and balanced' review, see what comes up, instead of being an apologist for the fedgov and media. That's always the easy way out, just agree with everything they tell you.

  9. @anon 1029: Good post. It's typical for big national events like this to have National Guard and various "branches" of semi-civilian LEOs on hand for both crowd control/assistance and security (massive failure in this area!).

    It's still way to early to count out a false fag psych ops here. But it's too early to discount any other possibilities also. The regime's drone attacks have royally pissed off many folks around the world.

  10. Well let's see. There are three classes of people who might do such a thing: 1) Right wing "domestic terrorists". 2) The federal government (I wonder if Homeland Stupidity had a budget bill in Congress up for approval?) 3) Muslim terrorists, angry at the occupation of their countries by same the federal government.

    Hmmm, I wonder which it could be? Of course, it must be those right wingers.

  11. DHS has a cautionary .pdf about Afghan terrorist camps training to build pressure cooker bombs and include pictures of a workshop table covered with them.

    My lucky-lottery prediction: The perps are Saudi Nationals who are recently visiting the USA on a student visa. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is a nice search phrase.

    American Patriots, even "crazed toothless meth-using tea-party right-wingers", are well-briefed on how killing a bunch of civilians in public has less-than-zero military utility. We don't kill our own people randomly on Patriot Day in Mass (or, en mass). Yes, those are our people (and a few harmless furriners).

    It's a positive thing to see how Americans jump right in to save people. If you stop the blood from leaking out of the big arteries and keep them breathing, the medics can do a lot in a few minutes. We aren't that easily "terrorized", esp. on National Buy A Gun Day.

    Thanks RitR.

  12. The idea by the whack jobs on the left that this was done by "rightwing" people is nearly too stupid to comprehend. It would seem that if some (obviously) racist, rightwing group or individual had set these bombs that they'd have touched them off when FOREIGNERS were crossing the finish line and/or standing near it. Say Mslm Kenyans or other Africans who might have offended them. Instead the bombs were exploded much later when the chances that the only ones killed would be Americans who were running to say they'd done it. Sounds like what an American conservative/rightwing person might do to me. HA!!! Or maybe more likely some Mslm who hates ALL westerners who haven't dropped their drawers and put their tails in the air for the false prophet of the false god allah.

  13. It is a hate crime to talk about the Boston Bombing without insinuating it was probably an extremist right wing hater, i.e. a White dude.

  14. Personally, I agree with the possibility that it's a genuine Saudi with a Saudi originated plan that executed the attack. Maybe there were/are more agents/cells still operational here on our soil. The idea of it being a False Flag operation, too, is still quite credible. Did .gov give assistance or material to perpetuate what happened? Probably not. Did .gov know about the plot, have intel but not act on it? Most likely. "Never let a good disaster go to waste". Sound familiar? The type of explosive components used would further sell the progressive agenda's anti-gun legislature. Gun powder in a pressure cooker was what, most likely, used. Now, I can easily imagine new bill(s) coming down the pipe limiting the amount of powder (i.e. ammo of all kinds) you can buy at once, own at once or even store at once. It wont matter how well you're armed now or how many magazines we have in order to "loop hole" the mag bans if there's going to be searches/raids for ammo stocks. The people that have "too much", I'm sure, will be branded "dangerous" by the media and those that flee or fight, I'm almost sure of, will be branded as "terrorists". This is a problem that voting won't eliminate- this is the problem that our fore-fathers knew would come and stressed the 2nd Amendment for.

  15. Dont the media understand that patriots and militia types don't want to hurt Americans?

    They just dont get the fact that its politicians, elitist media types, rich commies who are committing treason and sedition at every turn?

    Its Progressive Projection.