Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NY Gun Registration: Put Sand In The Gears

WyoThreeper has a brilliant idea on how to put sand in the gears of the New York gun registration system.

Be creative and be creative often.


  1. Neither should people in Colorado and Maryland do anything similar with their state government's forms related to their recent bans. That'd be a terrible waste of state resources...can't have that, can we?

  2. Partial transcript, about gun control, msnbc's Morning Joe broadcast today between 7:30 & 8 am, 17APR13.
    The full text of transcript and video can be viewed at:
    Apologies for this lengthy post.
    Without question, Joe, Mika,(the wrist slapped criminal)former congressman Harold Ford, jr. and everyone involved in that segment should actually be charged with treason following this segment.
    What occurred goes deeper down the rabbit hole of simply being pandering, whoring and felating quislings for joe.
    Listen hard, think hard and read between the lines of the transcript deeply and hard; mashing into a single homemade burger Boston, Newtown, terrrorism and gun control laws.
    Their discussion is based on a video clip used to introduce the segment.
    The video clip is an english translated, youtube video, training video by muslim/islamic terrorist. The beginning of the partial transcript below is supposedly the transaltion of what the terrorist is saying.

    "in the west, you’ve got a lot at your disposal. Let’s take america as an example.
    America is awash with easily obtainable firearms. You go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check and, most likely, without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?

    >>Mika Brzezinski comments first<<
    "If you vote now, you can continue to work with that guy. really? really? seriously?

    >>Joe Scarborough follows next<<
    "let's just do a side-by-side and do one of those things. we can actually -- we are helping this guy out. we are helping this guy out if we don't reform this system that rudy giuliani said was an absolute joke that allows criminals and terrorists to keep getting guns. gang members -- i'm sorry, go ahead harold."

    >>enter former congressman and msnbc analyst Harold Ford, jr.<<
    "you take a terrorists word and run that ad side-by-side with every ad that wants to be run and you say i stood up and i showed courage and voted this way. i don't mean to judge administratively my friends in the senate but i have to say this is one of those moments not only what happened in newtown but what commonwealth of massachusetts is confronting if you can't fight it, you can't be in this business." {and it goes from there}

    -you shouldn't be in office.-

    -from my part of the country, somehow support allowing guns to flow freely all over the country, i don't think people in northwest florida or people in arkansas or people in west virginia want that guy and terrorists across the globe to be able to get guns easily in america to kill americans.
    and to laugh at our stupid system.

  3. I just forwarded that to New York militia force. They are a clearinghouse for New York militias and are rather large. (Chuckle)

  4. TL Davis is in deep shit They are close to taking him down. I personally will protect him, give him shelter.3 to 3. I have never met him. Pass it on. Protect our own.