Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seattle is Under Federal Control

Wirecutter shares a guest post.

Read it all.

Understand yet? It's becoming more obvious.


  1. This is a ridiculous story. There is no context, like for instance...

    What building did this incident happen at?

    There is federal property in downtown Seattle where DHS would have jurisdiction and local cops would not.

    We are getting less than half the story.

    While I think that our federal government needs to be reigned in significantly -- the fear mongering and hysteria going on by the large contingent of conspiracy theorists, is just as dangerous.

    Where is the logic? We can't accuse the liberals of being overly emotional and reactionary -- and then do the same thing.

    Let me guess...

    9/11 was inside job.

  2. You will see these vehicles at any federal courthouse.