Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Selco On Surviving A Bomb Blast

Boston - April 15, 2013
Imagine this:

Last thing that you remember is that you were standing with few of your friends in street, now you are laying on ground and looking around you and there is blood running next to your leg, there is something in your throat and it suffocates you, you are trying to remove it with your fingers but nothing comes out, you are trying to swallow it but it is of no help, you are trying to scream but nothing comes out of your mouth. And thing that scare you most is that you notice blood on your pants in groin region, and you think that all future fun is gone.

Your friend gets you on your feet and his mouth are moving but you can not hear sh!t. With his hands he is explaining you that shell exploded some 50 meters from you and your friends.

You are (hopefully only temporary) deaf from blast, you can not talk because blood in your throat because you bite your tongue when that thing exploded. “Luckily” blood running next to your leg is not yours, it is your friends , he is seriously wounded.

And that wet stuff running down your legs and on your pants is not your blood, you just lost your bladder control when detonation happened. It happened unconsciously not because of fear, you did not have enough time even to feel fear.

And then (thanks God) you pass out. Everything starts to hurt later.

This all happened long time ago, but I still remember everything like it is happened yesterday, or like it is happening everyday. I feel very sorry for those innocent killed people in Boston.

I feel sorry for wounded too. Even when they recover they will be wounded for the rest of their lives.

Few times people told me that my experiences are war experiences and they are not applicable to some future SHTF scenarios. Horrible event in Boston clearly shows that you do not need to be at war to have civil victims because of explosions.
Go to Selco's site and read it all.

These events will happen and they're not always the result of terrorists as the town of West in Texas suffered today.

Me and WyoThreeper were discussing the Boston bombing and after seeing the bomb blast amputations, we agreed that adding a C-A-T tourniquet to your daily carry kit would be a good idea.

Stay safe.


  1. Got the CAT. IIRC, from Grunt Gear, via Amazon. Some places, such as N. American Rescue, require a 'medical authorization', whatever that is, to sell one to you. Do a web search for 'FDA counterfeit combat tourniquet' and be aware.

    On the subject, anyone have any opinion on QuikClot vs. Celox?

    1. I did a post on the counterfeit ones. You can revisit it here: