Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ground Broken On The DHS Security Complex

Rendering of future DHS Coast Guard headquarters, with green roof designed to capture and reuse water.
Washington notables broke ground on the future home of the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, symbolically starting construction on the biggest federal building project in the Washington area since the Pentagon 68 years ago.

The project will bring together more than 15,000 employees now scattered in 35 offices in the region, placing them on a 176-acre campus strewn with historic buildings in a long-neglected corner of Washington, five miles from the Capitol building.
Department leaders hope the $3.4 billion consolidation will help the department fulfill its core mission -- protecting the homeland -- in ways big and small.
"It will help us hold meetings," Secretary Janet Napolitano said. "It will help us build that culture of 'One DHS.'"
I thought Ă˜bama said we were out of money, hence the sequester?

Read the about this giant sinkhole here.

At least now they'll all be in one place.


  1. All in one place...........

    That make things handy.


  2. But the news item (link) is dated 2009. This is already done.
    Papa Mike

    1. Scheduled for completion 2013, according to article.
      Papa Mike

  3. True. But it's the first time I've heard about it. I imagine others haven't heard about either.

  4. Excerpt from the referenced article:-

    "President Franklin Roosevelt planned the defense consolidation, Lieberman said, because he knew war was imminent and felt it could be coordinated more efficiently from one location. The Department of Homeland Security also will benefit by consolidation, Lieberman said."

    Comparing DHS consolidation to Defense dept consolidation at the Pentagon - now that is something to think about.
    What was left unsaid by Lieberman?

  5. One DHS ... Ein Reich etc.